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New Scorum Feature: Betting On CryptoCurrencies!
Do you know when you think of an idea that seems exceptional? When does the light bulb come on? Here this is what happened to me about an hour ago while I was thinking about Scorum. Most of these ideas prove to be unattainable, unreachable or ineffective. But what happens if they are actually achievable and feasible instead? The idea is... Create a market in the betting exchange for cryptocurrencies. For example: put case you want to bet that BitCoin does + 10% in the next 24 hours, or next month. Or another example: you want to bet that Lympo will lose 50% of his value in the next 6 months. Yet another example: what will be the next coin to be listed on Coinbase? (@philnewton idea). And so on.Ok cool, but it would be feasible? could there be a market for cryptocurrencies on betscorum?The first thing I did when this idea came to my mind was to write it in the #general channel of our Discord Crypto Resistance server and send an MP to @vladart, the Scorum CEO. @btb who is a skilled programmer immediately made it clear that on Scorum's blockchain would be implementable. @vladart has expressed doubts about the "liquidity" of the market and the interest of the crypto market in general and would like to know the idea of the community. That's why I created this post. Why could this feature be a huge success?Another point underlined by vlad and mikey is that there are already several platforms that already do this, and it is partially true with the ETF. But my idea would be to use the odds as in bookmakers or betting exchange to aim to bettors and not investors, and then make it more user-friendly possible and very easy to understand for anyone. Imagine that your father is a bettor but knows nothing about blockchain and avoids all the Augr or etoro type of websites because he doesn't understand them and arrives on BetScorum and can bet that the BitCoin will reach 20,000 dollars by 2019 or that Scorum, the application on which son is dedicating so much time to, will get 1 dollar value as his son tells him by the end of 2020? We can aim to bettors with an easy interface and let people bet on cryptocurrencies even with small money. Imagine all the people on cryptocurrencies who arrive on BetScorum and can bet on their favorite coin and above all find an immense and friendly community with which to exchange opinions and above all to brag. It's the thing that people love: bragging. It is the thing that moves the masses. And we can give them this opportunity to do it with the pages of the profiles that track bets.A new additional business modelImagine starting to list the top 100 cryptocurrencies and, fundamentally, advertise the news that you can bet on your favorite coin in a lot of crypto and betting websites. The part of advertising is fundamental, it allows us to bring new people and liquidity to the market. Let's assume that all this works and we have the only betting exchange in the world with the crypto market and people on it and therefore liquidity = SUCCESS. In addition to the money given by selling SCR that now you have now unsold, you would have the opportunity to cover fees for cryptocurrencies that want to be listed on our betting exchange and/or make rounds of votes to be listed for free that carry a quantity of clicks unimaginable because all the crypto projects who want to be listed push their communities to vote on our platform. The idea is this, is well defined and to be successful should have the acceptance of the whole community and especially follow all the steps, including those of advertising because otherwise, it is useless. You can also have the best hamburger in the world but if you are known only in your neighborhood you will never be successful. Of course, it should be perfected but it is important that you understand that the idea is very possible on and if you see it as revolutionary as this crazy man writing this post, we can make it one of the key points for the success of Scorum and all of us. Thanks for your time and smash that upvote botton if you like the idea, if you do not like tell us why in the comments section! Vote me as WitnessI take this post to remind you that I am currently a witness for and I need your support to stay on top 20. In return, I will offer the giveaway community, freerolls, and contests. Read more in my introduction post and in my first post as witness. Remember that if you have a vote available and you want to vote for me, you must go to and select cryptoresistance, it is my account for the witness service. Disclaimer: I am not a native English speaker and I am trying to write in English to improve my language level, so I hope you will understand if there is any grammatical error or incorrect form. If there is some mistake please let me know to help me to improve. JOIN CRYPTO RESISTANCE We have created a Discord channel where we share our ideas to improve the experience on Scorum and where we will do a curation program. We are already over 160 members. If you want to enter this is the link:

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