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Five Fastest Fingers, ScorumBet CONTEST.
Hello everyone, long time no see. It’s been a while since i posted content on scorum platform, but of course I have been up voting and making few comments here and there. So many waters have passed under the bridge since scorum blog started, many of which concerns the interrelationship among scorum members which is not too healthy for the general well-being and growth of the platform. However, one thing is pretty clear though, no two or more person’s will interact together without having one form of misunderstanding or the other. The mature will make a comedy of it, while the minor, his tragedy. Personal spite and emotional heights should take backseat to business, because scorum as a whole is business. Having said that, life must go on and scorum project must trudge on no matter what. A lot of you will agree with me that the current price of the token is so discouraging; we can but only take consolation in the fact that other tokens in the category of scorum are virtually dead while we live still. I want to thank the numerous members who have been sparing their time to promote scorum in whatever capacity. I am sure that the fruit of such labors will not be wasted. THE CONTEST. During the course of my momentary hiatus of off blogging, I have ruminated considerably on how to contribute my quota to the betting segment of scorum project. Despite not being a bettor myself i have decided to provide small amount of scorum coins on weekly basis to the numerous and experienced bettors ready to bet on scorumBet given the opportunity. For this reason I have commenced the process of powering down 3000SP in other to finance the contest which I named FIVE FASTEST FINGERS and is proposed to run for a year. The success or otherwise of it will determine whether the contest will go beyond a year or not. MY IDEA OF HOW FIVE FASTEST FINGERS IS TO BE CONTESTED. 1 Each week, I am going to list out some few Football Matches that will feature on Scorumbet. 2. Each contestant will write a summery of his or her own intended analysis, predictions and bets on a match of choice in 50 – 100 words. 3. The first five fastest entries will automatically qualify for the receipt of 10SCR coins each to bet with in tandem with their entries, making a total of 50SCR coins. (Upvote(s) on any of such first five comments attracts automatic disqualification). 4. Each contestant is permitted to choose only one match for his or her entry. 5. The remaining entries that may not qualify will get consolation upvotes of varying percentages. 6. Members that qualified will be compiled and presented in a post with prove of 10SCR coins sent. 7. Links of betting’s successfully matched should be posted under comments section of item 6 above. ELIGIBILITY. 1. For any contestant to be eligible, he or she must be bona fide registered member of scorum and have at least made an introductory post. 2. The 10SCR coins are exclusively to be used on scorumbet platform. Failure to do so will attract a ban. 3. Other conditions may be introduced in the future. The contest is meant to be for fun. I urged would be participants to approach it as such. That way, I am sure the right enthusiasm will be derived. When other varieties of sports are introduced to the betting platform which will happen in the not too distant future, they will surely be added to the TRIPPLE F contest for sure. NB. Your inputs are highly needed at the comments section as to the workability of TRIPPLE F contest. On the other hand, if the idea is disagreeable in any way, do not hesitate to say so too, before its commencement next week please. THANK YOU AS USUAL FOR STOPPING BY, SINCERELY @izge.

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