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The quarters have started, the best 8 teams in Europe are facing each other. I couldn't make this post yesterday before the games, but I still made my bets. When we play our games we always try to follow good rules, never chase losses, don't bet out of boredom and especially don't bet more than you are willing to lose. RULESEstablish a monthly budget and each play must not exceed 10% of the total.We always play on the odds going to analyze the statistics.Try to have as much information as possible (injured, derby, weather conditions, etc.)Avoid too low odds below @ 1.30Avoiding victories away from home if we are not 99% sureWhen we suffer a loss, we do not try to recover immediately but it is better to avoid playing for a few days. Manchester Utd-Barcellona The Spanish team is favored, Messi is in great shape and everything seems to favor a victory for Barcelona. I risked a draw hoping for the field factor, if Manchester defends itself carefully and enters the field with courage, playing an aggressive game could tear a draw. honestly this is the most difficult and balanced game. Manchester UTD-Barcellona draw @3.960 on BETSCORUM.COM Ajax - Juventus This is a very important game, I'm a fan of Juve, the last Champions we won in the final in Rome against Ajax, an unforgettable day, I was 13 and my father gave me the ticket for the final. I believe that Juve is superior, Chiellini will be lacking in defense, certainly a serious loss but fortunately there will be Cristiano Ronaldo, Juve is a very solid team while Ajax plays great football, speed and high pressing are the most dangerous characteristics. , the weak point is the defense that is with the bayer that with Real has really granted so many restarts. Ajax - Juventus 2 @2.345 on I bet and took both tottenham's victory and liverpool's win, The liverpool seems to have recovered the best physical condition, Salah and the others are too superior to Porto, a truly predictable result. Instead the Guardiola team in the Champions League really struggles, in the European field it sins of experience, while Tottenham, especially at home, has accustomed us to great performances and nice surprises, surely I was lucky because Aguero's missed penalty could change everything. is very useful to keep track of the play of each of us, in words we are all good but in the end those are the facts that count ... at this moment the balance is negative, some incredible results in Serie A like the Florentine's defeat and the draw of Napoli have affected in an important way. however, there is time to improve my results and return to positive, good fun and strength juve.