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The Pain And Gain In Sport Betting
Hello everyone! Welcome back to another beautiful and sport educating post from @Oxygen02. The world today has gone digital and one of the sudden changes so far has to do with sport betting most especially, football betting. Taking a close look on the percentage of people who bet per day, you will agree with me that 90% actually put their money in football while the remaining percent goes to other sports. When we are talking about betting, we all know two things is actually involve. It is either you win or you loose. It is one of the easiest way to become a millionaire overnight and vice versa. It can mean anything to different people from their own perspective. To me betting is the process of increasing your money through some combination of odds. To limit it to the youths, almost 87% of the youths out there engages themselves in betting and it comes to a point i have to asked myself this question; is betting the best way to actually invest our money? It is always a two sides of a coin, to some it is yes while to some it is not really the best way. I know we all have our experience on betting just like i have mine. Is Betting The Best Way To Invest Our Money? I know of a friend who will never like you to talk about bet due to the fact that he has invested his money times without numbers and has nothing to show for it. Maybe luck wasn't at his side or he was kind of greedy. Even when others are talking about winning tickets and rejoicing about their cashout, he will always complain week in week out about loose tickets and huge amount he has invested in it. Many at times when i see people complaining about their loose tickets just like my friend and i try to know the Kind of market they have invested their money, i will instantly concluded they are the greedy type because i have seen people smiling to the bank every week to cashout their money. Whether it is the best way or not, two things we need to take note when investing our is; 1- Don't invest what you can't avoid to loose ( Stake wisely). 2- Don't be too greedy trying to make millions overnight. The Pain Just like i have said earlier, two things is always involved. One of it is the pain we always went through whenever we loose. Some people, despite the fact that luck is not always at the side are so addicted to it and is having a negative effect on their life. I know of a friend who invested #60,000 on 2 odds and the next day while he was so confidence about the ticket get to the shop where he stake the ticket and realize one game has spoil the game. He was so greedy to the fact that he didn't have enough money at hand, he invested all he have believing that the next day he will be smiling back home with #120,000 forgetting the fact that football is a game of luck. The Gain Yes! This is the most interesting part of betting has we are always filled with great feeling of elation. Some people will never forget betting in the history of their life because betting has turn their life around positively. I have heard of stories of people building houses and buying cars from the money they made from betting. Here i will like to talk about my house experience even though i have my own pain😀, i remember I won #58,000 with #100 though it is very greedy of me but actually, luck was at my side. When it comes to betting, it has come to stay no doubt with that because many people can't do without it. It is really a blessing to some while it is the other side to some. Even in life, two things is always involved so we can't also rule that out in betting but either way round, we should always stake wisely. Do you have any experience as far as sport betting is concern?😀 Let's meet in the comment box. Note: All images are Google related. I hope you find this post interesting and educating. Until then, I remain my humble self @Oxyhen02. Thanks For Reading.👍

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