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bet is live and I placed a bet!
At last, the betting exchange is here and it looks amazing. There are some issues that I would like to address though. Improvements need to be made if we want this to be a major betting platform, which we all do. So hear me out! Improvements to be made:larger selection of sports (obviously)the ability to view unmatched betsa FAQ page for new users Not every sports bettor bets on Soccer (or Football), I know I don't. However, I know that for Scorum, Soccer is a great first sport to add to the exchange. More sports will come in time I'm aware of that. Not a problem just a waiting game. What I mean by the ability to view unmatched bets is that when I placed my first bet someone needed to match it. If we were able to see a list of unmatched bets, they would be matched much quicker. Some people will match bets just to get in on some action. Making people aware of pending bets is important. I was slightly confused at first wondering who will take my wager. When I initially placed my bet it was not accepted and I deleted it then replaced it on a different betting option, then it was accepted almost instantly. Knowing what people are betting on would be great, I hope this becomes a feature. A FAQ page is needed so that new users understand exactly how the betting exchange works. The number one question is going to be "who is taking my bets?" and this should be answered in a simple FAQ post on Scorum which is linked on BetScorum. This is the match I chose to bet on. I chose this match because it's the next available match on the board and I wanted to test out the betting exchange. As you can see I wagered 20.8 SCR tokens to win 20.8 tokens if the total score of this match ends up being greater than 2.5 goals. I need 3 goals or more to be scored, simple. Things that I really like about the betting exchange include:the designthe speed of placing/deleting betsthe friendly interfacethe fact that Scorum Coins are the native currency

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