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source Good news is here @luike9player, I promise you this contest will be more exciting and challenging than other Hall of Fame Contests. More contestants are now in and on the table of real men, lol, that was my word anyway. The contest will be tough for both the judges and the participants cos we have a bunch of good writers here. Creative ones. But i want to thank you for another opportunity, allowing us to wallow in your riches. I hope other participants feel the same way as i do. Am happy to be back here on SCORUM, after a little vacation that gave me little or no time to work out here and also flex my muscle. Thanks for this opportunity, I pray more strength to your elbows, am a big fan. **************************** A little definition of BETTING also called GAMBLING can be said to be; ''PLAYING GAMES OF CHANCES FOR STAKE''. Six-sided dice Its dated back to Paleolithic era, before written history. In Mesopotamia, the first and earliest six sided dice dated to about 3000 b.c. They were known as Astragalomancy or Astragali ( A form of divination that uses dice specially marked with letters or numbers) dating back to thousand of years. Gambling houses in china was wide spread in the first B.C were fighting animals were used for Betting.Lotto and Dominoes appeared in china in the early 10th Century. ASTRAGALI ''MY BETTING EXPERIENCES''. MY STORY DOWN THE LINE.... Before I talk about other knowledge I have about BETTING, let me give a little story of my life about betting. On the 19th of December 2014 (Friday) that was my some how JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF BETTING WORLD. A friend just gave me tips and explained some features of betting to me, then the first popular betting platform down here in Nigeria was Nairabet. SOURCE Since luike said he knows little about Betting, then he should learn from here too. He explained some of its features to me, some like he said; source Chelsea - Manchester City 1===== Home Win. 12====Double chance(anybody can win). X===== Draw (Nobody wins). 2=====Away win. He further explained some complex features like these; 1x===== Home win or Draw (Either home wins or Draw) x2=====Away win or draw (Away either wins or Draw). then there are o/u features o=over, while u=under. They both mean either Over goals or under goals. O/U 0.5= at least a goal must be scored in the match.(captivating right? well its always lucky). O/V1.5= at least 2 goals must be scored in the match. It had the Mobile full version, The mobile Lite version, and the desktop version. SOURCE So that was it, then i ventured into the betting world with just a little or should i say no perfect tutorials for guidance. That Friday i booked and staked on few good teams I know, then Chelsea were good and some other English teams. I didn't even go to some prediction sites to check for statistics or maybe teams performances and forms, Injuries and suspensions. To me those were not really necessary, it didn't even cross my mind, i was just thinking straight like a Robot sent to perform a particular task or duty. Like a newly weeded couples, forgetting about every burden and set out to venture into their Honey-moon adventure, at that moment, that was how i felt. I accumulated about 12 games ( 12 different matches for the weekend) and placed it with 0.5800 us dollars, to win 14,500 us dollars. To my surprise i lost it......I lost beyond my imagination, beyond recognition. 10 out of 12 failed leaving me with two correct wins.Since then I have been wallowing in loses in the world of sports betting. Till today, i have not recovered half of my investment in the Betting world. Its a fucking freaky investment. Before further explanations, let me introduce you to some BETTING platforms in Nigeria; source NAIRABET. It was the first, the oldest and the strongest betting platform or company in Nigeria. It offers good customer support, with a 100% welcome bonus on first deposit plus 100% bonus on any accumulated bets. You can also bet on live games. 360BET. source It has the highest odd on the internet too, it welcome you with a 100% bonus of your first qualifying deposit up to a maximum of N30, 000 Nigeria Naira. SUREBET247 Surebet247 This company is the fastest paying betting company also in Nigeria for on-line customers who wants to play with their Mobile phone or PC. There is also a 100% welcome bonus. MERRYBET SOURCE It is also like other platforms, they all have similar features. A welcome bonus also awaits every user on first deposit. Then the most widely used and fast growing of the all is; BET9JA source It was the first betting company to introduce a virtual game. It has a unique features and easy to use. In the virtual game there are sports like Dog race, Casino, Football, Base ball. etc. THE TRAIN ON RAIL.....BET. Source WELCOME TO AFRICA....''BET AND GET RICH , AVOID AND BE POOR''. I gave it a name Be En Tangled. Betting in its full nature, sometimes saves and sometimes kill. Down here in Nigeria, you can play a local road side bet with as low as N10.00 in Nigeria. Meaning that the door is open to all, even kids who are below 18 years are open to the hall. BETTING: THE KILLER BEAN... Betting is a game of profit, loss and risks. It has destroyed many homes, saved many and kept many unbalanced. An average Nigerian plays bet at least 20 times in his life time. Down here everyone wants to be rich, but we forget that betting has rules, strategies and forms. If all these precautions are not adhered to, then you end up being in my shoes when I first started. A man played a local lotto also called BABA IJEBU, he lost and left on ge_tting to his house, he sold the family bed and used the money for another staking. So I call this abuse of Opportunity. This game is just like a train on rail, everyone is qualified and free to catch the train, one your ticket (MONEY) is still with you, its a jolly drive where you have no destination. But when its over for you, (cashless) you highlight and go back to your homage. The worst BOSS of them all is the virtual platform, where you predict, stake and either win or lose. The Virtual version is like an ATM machine where quick cash is made. Once, I tried playing it hoping to win big quicker than normal accumulation Bet, but it failed. It seems to have a kind of force, so strong that even when you are loosing you can't get out. The only language in your head then will be; ''Come on play again, or see a bigger odd try it out''. Like you are conversing with your spirit. I have witnessed an event where a man came in to the centre with about 55 dollars. He played till he was left with nothing, though we kept warning him to go home or stop playing with the ones he had still, but it was all to a deaf ear. So till now I tell you solemnly, the man is still BROKE. BETTING AND THE ECONOMY OF THE WORLD. A research was carried out in 2006 and i was discovered that a lot of revenues comes from Betting. There were a lot of countries and regions who ranked high in the research result.A global Entertainment Expenditures are listed below. source source Globally, gambling is flying to space rapidly and gaining a great acceptance. It is seen as a means of entertainment. According to a new interactive report from GBGC (GLOBAL BETTING AND GAMING CONSULTANTS), the On-line betting yield exceeded $20 billion in 2008. Gambling has made a lot of lives loose it magnitude and direction. It has an increase in crime rate, it will turn its prey to debtors, turn the society into a game off road zone, make the youths and their life miserable. A lot of gambling activities take place around the world, as our time zones are different, so is the gambling activities different, both Local gambling and national or global gambling. Religion sees it as a way of misleading christians from the real straight forward way of making money. Max Kaur and religious leaders, protest against gambling, Tallin Estonia. CHANGES?? As it takes, so it gives. Betting in history has saved a lot from poverty and stress of going to work just to make earnings. It has change alot of lives and at the same time taken. Ponzi Scheme is another disguised form of Betting, where you deposit 1 to get 2 or more. During the time of popular ponzi MMM (Mavro), it paid a good number of persons here in Nigeria, but due to fear people didn't put much interest at first. They became interested in it only when it was about to crash. So that is Same as Betting. I also gained during that period but not from Mavro's but other schemes down here. so then everyone became lazy to work hard for their earnings. We all stayed sometimes at home and just within some minutes, clicks and swipes on either your PC or phone you get paid. So betting has both advantages and disadvantages. Don't Be En Tangled unnecessarily...... rather Be En Tangled wisely. Thanks luike9player for allowing me punch my keys positively on this subject. Bows out, Bless you. Thanks for reading.