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Playoffs Week 04 Results | 03W-06L-04P | -1.373 Units Loss
I'm making these posts weekly as a way to track my personal pre-game handicapping results along with my live betting action on Belgian Teams. These posts will always contain some insights when it comes down to my general approach and what I do to increase my chance of beating the market. Another week where things were not optimal for betting as I mostly traveled on Saturday getting back to my place barely in time to follow the evening matches. Mostly the match between Genk and Club Brugge put me at a loss as I had quite the big bet on the 1H +0 @ 1.96 for the dominant home team at the time. They could / should have easily be ahead by 2 goals but things turned out different and CLub Brugge managed to score against play. I'd take that one again any day of the week though. I rarely travel and almost never miss matches during the season. Last time was 2 years back when I was just skipping the playoffs. I figured I could just continue as usual if I prepared myself enough but it didn't really work out that way. Mostly the hassle of a long trip along with having to only with my laptop and what showed to be a really poor internet connection that barely could handle the radio report after setting up a VPN the last minute. The losing results last couple week surely were part due to those factors. It was a valuable lesson learned though and next time I travel during the season I will continue to follow the league but just put all kind of betting on hold. I also was not able to keep up the notes I usually take during matches so I will also take it slowly next week to fully catch up. If anything, the betting markets these days are so sharp that it's really needed to be on top of things in all aspects in order to have a true edge. Again due to circumstances I only had a couple of live bets in the SBC Discord Channel this week. They did turn a slight profit so I won't complain and just move on with 6 more weeks to go in these playoffs. Discord Live-Bets Sint-Truiden vs Oostende 1H Under 0.75 @ 2.09 (19' 0-0) WON Kortrijk 1H +0 @ 1.757 (26' 0-0) PUSH Racing Genk 1H +0 @ 1.962 (23' 1-0) LOST I did make a small record mistake in last weeks update post forgetting to include the bets I had taken on Friday. Everything is corrected in the numbers below. The graph during these playoffs is very choppy but still in the line of the overall expectations. I'll do what I can the next 6 weeks to end it all off with an uptrend! Previous Personal Playoffs Results Week 04 Results 13 Bets | 03W-06L-04P | Staked 06.22u | -1.374u Loss... Week 03 Results 12 Bets | 03W-08L-01P | Staked 05.54u | -2.021u Loss... Week 02 Results 19 Bets | 13W-04L-02P | Staked 09.09u | +3.917u Profit Week 01 Results 45 Bets | 23W-15L-07P | Staked 17.57u | +1.228u Profit Let me know in the comments how your betting weekend was!