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Sports Betting Whales | Jonas Gjelstad
One of the better ways to get better yourself when it comes down to beating the Sports Betting markets is to learn from what the big winners are doing. Last year I came across Jonas Gjelstad who managed to turn 10k into 1 Million$ over a year with a very high volume strategy. These kinds of stories can be quite inspirational since they are not based entirely on luck compared to most betting success stories of people winning one crazy bet. It was a video documentary on Youtube (Linked Below) that really caught my attention last year since Jonas seems to be genuinely crushing the Asian markets with a high amount of bets using Sportmarket Pro which is the same Betting Broker I also have been using for quite a while now. The documentary is basically one big commercial for "Tradematesports" which is a betting site he co-founded that helps people to find value bets. The basic idea of Trademate is to abuse bookmaker business models giving authority to the bigger Asian markets and pick the spots where smaller bookmakers are late on adjusting the odds. I'm not quite sure how he manages to pull the crazy volume off on the Asian markets which are all available on Sportmarket Pro and have far greater limits and don't ban winning players. I tested out Trademate last year for free but barely had any 1x2 books available because all of them limited me in the past. While the system works, it's just an insane grind being online and ready to take bets many hours each day. The Pro version of the service that also included bigger bookmakers simply did not produce any real results for me. I haven't used the service aside from the initial testing period and would not necessarily recommend it to anyone unless you have many 1x2 bookmakers available and don't mind hours of grinding out small bets hoping you don't get limited each day. What Jonas did turning 10k into 1 million over the course of a year is really impressive and the volume he manages to put is just insane often taking over 3000 bets in a single month. I talked in my betting wisdom series about how volume is key and he is pretty much the perfect example of what you can achieve in Sports betting with a limited edge but a lot of bets always moving up in stakes as your bankroll grows. It's the mechanic of compound interest at work and the table below includes his numbers month by month. He makes it all look very easy and few will actually be able to replicate his results. I do see enough reasons for it to be legit though and if anything watching the documentary below can be highly motivating for everyone that is somewhat serious trying to beat these markets. I highly recommend watching them all. Part 0 - Jonas Gjelstad - Professional Sports Bettor Part 1 - $10K TO $1,000,000 Part 2 - I lost $256,000 in a day Part 3 - I want to compete with the best Part 4 - It's a weekend job Part 5 - THE TRUTH BOOKMAKERS DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW Part 6 - Starting over again with only £1,000 Please let me know if you know where I can find other online betting success stories mostly based on skill like this one in the comments below.