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Two Cents on BetScorum…
There it goes another day without a single bet at BetScorum. At least, Betman had a time to think about the future of the platform. And here are his two cents… err… that would be 2.95652 SCR at the current prices…Almost three weeks already has passed since we had latest Scorum development update with a new set of promises. The main one was centralized SportsBook which should improve the finance of the developing team. We even got a graph which says that the number of users soared in December (when BetScorum was launched) from 10,000 to just over 20,000 in May. Which means there are at least 10,000 frustrated users who jumped in because of BetScorum, but are now twiddling their thumbs waiting for at least one more sport at it. In vain. And naturally, users are worried. They see this roadmap as, mildly said, disconcerting, as our @costanza expressed it very well: If the centralized Sportsbook (which is a completely separate project according to the devs) becomes a success, why would they use those earnings to help Scorum/Betscorum take off as that would directly go against the success of the centralized bookmaker. But Betman has some more Q&D (questions&doubts). For example: Is it smart to start a centralized platform with no privacy at all (yes you have to submit all your data), hoping for profits in competition with many other centralized sportbooks, and neglect the platform with an enormous potential and no competition at all? Yes, brother, text is a bit long for the average attention span of an average user waiting for the new sports at BetScorum. Let’s try then a bit different cockroach… approach. Betman would (naively?) think that a financial problems could be best solved by making SCR coin valuable. Make the demand for SCR grow, and then you will have a tax free revenue in the shortest possible time. As our @costanza also established, Scorum coin has enormous potential. So, how to stimulate demand? One obvious way would be developing the existing betting exchange, adding new sports, which will bring new users, who would need more SCR, which would raise the price, which would bring more users, who would need more SCR… You know how the circle goes. Following this economic logic, someone would think that SCR must be the main betting unit at the new SportBook Alas… Not only you have to surrender all your precious data to SportBook, but you can bet only using fiat (EUR & USD) and Bitcoin! Now there is a room for the most interesting question: How the dev team plans to develop a platform without supporting its most important element — the coin?! If Betman was a big investor into Scorum, at this point his hair would divorce him, going exactly opposite to the law of gravity. Giving a priority to the centralized SportBook over the decentralized betting exchange with potential to destroy all sportbooks, is really not a good sign. But Betman may be wrong, as he was in that Viking FK vs. Bodo/Glimt tip. Maybe in six months, we will again get a set of firm assurances that BetScorum is not neglected at all, and that new sports are just around the corner — as soon after the dev team develops a centralized platform for betting on horse races, dogs, rabbits and snails. Using, of course, Dogecoin and mini-bots only. Why, that is certainly much easier than adding tennis at BetScorum, isn’t it? What do you think?