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Wolverhampton vs. Liverpool: the prediction for the match 12/21/2018 | My first bet!
As you might already know, there is a competition sponsored by Scorum to find who is the best football tipster on the community. To incentivize participants, they are giving away 300 SRC as a prize. Here is the link to the game: Wolverhampton vs. Liverpool As you can see by the title, I decided to go for one of the biggest games of the week, not only because it catches everybody attention, but also because I´m a fan of both teams. Wolverhampton This is the most surprising team of the EPL an currently stands in 7th place, ready to take Man.United spot in 6th. After the big investment the club made, everybody got very curious to see what they could do, and they are delivering great performances and most importantly already with a lot of points. They won´t have one of their best players on the field, Diogo Jota, out by injured, wich already limits their options in the attack. Besides this, I also think J. Klopp will outplay Nuno Espírito Santo on the pre match. Liverpool Not only they are currently in the 1st place, but they are also playing such great and beautiful football. Overall they are a very balanced team, with their biggest strength being the consistency and intensity of their game. And obviously with players above average... Although they also have some injuries that might impact the starting eleven, their squad has a lot of depth. Game Analysis Considering the previous information and the current form of both teams (which currently is pretty good), I can see the game going 2 ways: 1- Liverpool starts like they always do super strong and aggressive, searching for the goal. That will eventually happen, sooner or later. I´m very confident on a 0-2 score at half time, don´t ask me why, is just mere speculation based on the football both teams play. If this is the case, then the game will completely change with Wolverhampton trying to play a possession game in the second half, which will be very hard to succeed. 2- The game stays balanced and 0-0 at halftime, which will then eventually be unlocked by a genious play. It is important to mention that, if this is the case, then Wolverhampton will be in trouble to keep up with Liverpool substitutions, not only because J. Klopp reads the game extremely well, but also because of the lack of depth in the squad. My Bet: So, to start this contest I´m going to be a bit boring and stay with the favourite to win the game. Liverpool to win - odd 1.54 Stake: 10 It is also worth mentioning that over 2.5 goals sounds like a good bet, but I´m just not that confident as I´m with Liverpool ending up winning.