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Placed My First Bet On BetScorum - EPL Match ( Liverpool Vs West Ham)
I got to know about Scorum from my friend @scorumbd. And he helped me create an account and gave me ideas about scorum.This is an interesting platform. Scorum betting platform is more interesting to me. This is my first bet online. I have no knowledge about online betting and also i have no previous experience of betting.So I'll bet on the common sense. We all know those who play well, they will win. I have placed my first bet in England Premiere League.The bet is on the Liverpool Vs West ham match.The match will started on 5 Feb at 2 am. Liverpool :Liverpool's performance in this season is very good. Liverpool played 24 matches, winning 19 of them.They have lose only one match and draws 4 matches.Also they are a lot ahead by point.Their point scored is 61. West Ham: And the opponent west ham's performance is quite bad.They played 24 matches in total, and won only 9 matches.Also they lose 11 matches, and Drew 4. matches.Thair point scored is 31 which is much less than the liverpool.In one case Liverpool and West ham equality, that is, the draw score. Head To Head: They faced 45 matches, West ham won 9 matches and Liverpool won 27 matches.They drew 9 matches. My Prediction: Based on the results of previous matches, I think Liverpool will win.It's just above my common sense. Score Prediction: Liverpool vs West Ham (2-0) Odds: 1.382 Stake (SCR): 10 Please ignore my mistake.I will try to make better posts in future Or from my next post.