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ROI Wars: Who Claimed the Throne? | Round B Participation Made Easier
The clash for the throne of the betscorum ROI kingdom led the best knights to face each other in the last arena of the round A. There was a neck-to-neck race among the top three contestants with a narrow margin of 2.5% ROI. Interestingly, the users who were AWOL previously returned to their battle stations and attempted to hook the grand prize along with the title. To uplift the excitement and challenge, some of the toughest fixtures were selected from the Italy Serie A for the grand finale and the nerves of the participants were put to a test. I guess that was enough the preview so before any further delay let’s get to the summary of those matches, the participant’s picks and the crowned warrior. Scorum ROI Wars. The game of throne. Summary of Picks & Match Results: For the first fixture ‘Sampdoria vs Roma’ most of the participants underestimated the power of the she-wolves considering their recently declining form, however, only 2 users among the 5 had faith in Roma. The match was really exciting where both sides tried their best to defend their net only to let Rossi score at the 75th minute with a quick-attempted header giving Roma the well-deserved victory. ‘Juve vs Milan’ was another stunner where again only 30% of the users imagined Juve snatching the victory. Even though the remaining 70% were not wrong to back other options because at the end of the day Milan’s performance was not at all bad. The visiting side launched more shots, gained a higher possession, delivered more passes with better accuracy and in fact took an early lead over Juve. However, their bad luck that Dybala scored a penalty followed by Kean’s stunning low shot and Juve made a nice comeback to claim full points in the last 20 minutes of the game. ‘Parma vs Torino’ was expected to be an easier win by Torino so only 1 of the users dared to stand against the crowd in backing the draw option and guess what? Well, you got it right. The user who backed the draw option is also the one whose predictions were 100% accurate despite being in the minority with respect to the choice of picks and that fella is our grand finale winner. King of the ROI Kingdom & the Fallen Heroes: For the first 2 weeks, Bronco Lannister (broncofan99) was controlling the throne owing to his clever picks, persistence and unknown foreign aid. While, during the whole round, our hero on his exile was living in shadows, waiting, watching and learning. He was also being unknowingly followed by the mother of picks 'dexpar Targaryen' (dexpartacus) with the same passion for the throne, however, 'fras Tyrell' (fraste) was losing the grip with a marginal difference. Nonetheless, our hero was revived from the dead and he got all his three shots on target this time. He not only won this week's war but the overall 'Round A' with the best cumulative score, thus claiming the ROI throne. And, he is none other than: Tale Snow Stark Targaryen, anyways, you GOT it right. All hail 'Lord Tales' Rewards: 85 SCR i.e. 50 for Round A win + 25 for 3rd week win + 10 for Best ROI war ID through voting of the users (I appreciate those who took their time to cast a vote) Well, as mentioned above that some participants were following the title with a narrow margin and they are our fallen heroes. A round of applause for all of them for putting up a strong challenge with their valuable participation. The men have no names (just IDs) Fixtures for Round B, Week 1 For the first week of the round B, let's try our lucks on the following fixtures from UEFA Europa League:Napoli vs. Arsenal Valencia vs. Villarreal Frankfurt vs. SL Benfica Participation Method Updates: Thanks to @waveyourflag, participation in the game have become much easier. I have set the games in the betscorum discord channel and you won't have to submit any screenshots. Just place your bets on the above fixtures.Go to the ROI Wars channel in the betscorum discord.Type 'getroi' and that is it.The weekly winner of the 3 fixtures would get 25 SCR/week.Round winner (cumulative ROI) would get 50 SCR rewards in addition to the weekly rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Get in there and score some ROI.