I recommend that young people who are passionate about billiards should be a good audience and imitate billiard masters. There are also teachers who give billiards, but 90 percent of those who play billiards are engaged in this sport for fun. It is enough reason to enjoy and play billiards mentally.

Op. Dr. Onur Abe, one of the prominent names in the pool is quite popular among young people in Turkey. We talked about the first pocket billiard sports club's founder, who also has billiards championship with adventure we found in Abu provincial and national tournaments tournament in Turkey.

Most of us have been playing billiards at least once in our lives. The stick, balls and long table attracts the request, creating a domain. One fairly common names from the master of billiards in Turkey, we also honor Abu ophthalmologist. The relationship between billiards and life, and the philosophy of life that combines the philosophy of Doctor . We asked our questions about Abdik passion for billiards.

How did you meet with the pool?

We played billiards with friends for the first time in high school. My friendship with Bilardoy began as a weekend entertainment.

I've been playing billiard for 21 years. In 1993, we had to operate our friend's Pool & Snooker 7 is've been Turkey's founding president of the first pocket billiard sports clubs.

Turkey pocket made official in Turkey for the first time in 1995, I became the champion in billiards tournament. At that time, I was living in Ankara and won more than 40 Provincial Championships. I have various degrees in provincial tournaments and national tournaments. In recent years

I also agree with the youth, which also includes young people.

Where and with whom do you play the billiard?

I live in Kahramanmaras where I go to the billiard clubs, there I play pool. On holidays I also take the time to play billiards in hotels. Occasionally I prefer to play billiards on the internet. Also, I have a very good pool table in a café that I am a founder of, and I play billiards there too.

What does billiard mean for you? What is the most affected side?

I can say that billiard is a kind of meditation for me. It is an important source of adrenaline in tournaments. Billiard is a sport where the brain and body coordination are used simultaneously. One of the most influenced ones is bilingual sports, and it helps to gain ethical values.

Is there a connection between billiards and your life philosophy?

I think it's definitely a bond between billiards and my life philosophy. In all forms of sport, a culture of culture develops. Each athlete has goals, more successful, wants to be ahead or higher. This requires preparation and struggle. In the competition, the athlete learns to respect his rival and to follow the rules of the sport; he succeeds when he succeeds, and when he loses, he sees his mistakes and prepares for a new competition. However, it will be a new competition in the future even if it is defeated. Hence, hope, joy and

sadness never ends. Isn't that the same in life?

What are the kinds of billiards?

Billiards, or cue sports (the name given to the cue ball) is basically divided into pockets and pockets. Generally known as 3 balls, pocketless billiards is an example, American billiard is played with pocket (perforated) tables. I play all kinds of billiards, but I like billiards with pockets.

Billiard athletes must first have a sharp view. In billiards, a balanced posture is necessary to combine precision arm balance and ball guiding skill with game tactics. It is important to have healthy nerves. A good billiard player has a proper basic technique. It is not always possible to play well, but with one stroke the capacity of the athlete can be understood.

Do you have any questions about this game?

For the first time, in the 16th century, there are records and paintings that play billiards in France. So, the billiards started at a time when their equipment was very expensive and rare. For example, the first billiard balls were made of ivory. He played in the halls where the pool, the general name of the billy-dollar pocket. Ataturk's pool in Turkey

There are photos taken while playing.

Who are the important names?

In Turkey, Semih Sayginer, of course, a great master of knowledge, is a very important person. Is a pocketless bilar-do player. Turkey has gained international success. In the world, there are a lot of German, American, English and Filipino players.