Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, Scorumians!

Today I want to tell you a few words about the past and the future on the last day of 2020. We will begin with the results of the past year. A number of extremely important changes took place at the site in 2020.

Internal economics of the project

The Scorum Power (SP) token pool, pledged for 2 years, practically exhausted itself in the summer. The economy of the project has undergone a fundamental change. Authors of texts and comments as well as other active users receive tokens Scorum Coins (SCR) for their actions now. SCR may be instantly converted to SP to increase the power of your vote, transfer to another user or send to the exchange. The pool of SCR rewards for distribution is formed from the funds earned from the sale of advertising.

Advertising system

The ad system started working on Scorum in 2020. Ad units have appeared in the desktop and mobile versions. We added positions for banners gradually, analyzing their effectiveness. At the same time, we conducted experiments — on which GEOs the conversion is higher and which types of advertising work better than others. After placing classic advertising positions, we added two rather unconventional ones: an exit-pop-up for a desktop and a pop-up for a mobile. The last ones managed to prove its worth for a short period after the release.


In the course of the year, we didn’t stop improving the technical side of the platform, as well as fix bugs when they were identified. The updates touched the text editor, visual display of earnings in articles, a number of single errors and even the blockchain itself. We work further.

Bonus section

The "Bonuses" tab has appeared in the main menu of the blogging platform, where publications about promotions and offers of betting companies have been and continue to be added. The idea of this section is to attract an additional audience to Scorum who is close to the world of betting.

A loyalty program for users who came from Scorum has been launched here, and a number of exclusive bonuses for bettors on various projects have been offered.

Working with the audience

We have brought back an important tool — email newsletters. Over the course of several months we have optimized and updated the user base after which sending emails has become more accurate and targeted. The push notification system is also fully functional in various language versions of the project. The official Scorum Twitter has revived and pleases with activity as requested by many users. And the administration always remains in touch with the activists of the project.

What are we waiting for in 2021

We will continue working in all of the above areas next year. And in the nearest future we are waiting for a number of powerful updates:

  • mobile PWA-application for Scorum Blog;
  • updating the statistical provider on ScorumBet and adding a bot that provides liquidity to the betting exchange;
  • PWA-applications for ScorumBet.

I don’t want to think far ahead — as 2020 has shown that all plans can be changed by the suddenly arrived "Black Swan". We will announce all the planned innovations and updates gradually.

The global goals of the project remain as follows: to increase the audience, attract new active users and bring back old friends who left the project. And, of course, increase income from advertising on the project sites that will result in an increase in awards for publications and an increase in the SCR rate.

The administration of the project wishes you good health and every possible success in the New Year. Thank you for staying with us — nothing would have happened without you.