If you wait for life, she will treat you like a son or daughter of nobody. Life is beautiful for those who see it that way. Happiness is free but its a choice. You can't have it all but you can be contempt.


There was a certain story I witnessed where a man left his wife and a kid, travels over to another country in search of greener pasture and in the process of time, he found another lady who is richer and they got married forgetting he was married in another country.

The first wife was eagerly waiting for her darling husband to return home, so she stop socializing during the waiting period, no gathering, no visiting friends but working and just taking care of her kid. She paused her life for a man who is already married to another woman.

Marriage is not a cage nor is it a prison, live your best life in your marriage and be the best you can ever be. The essence of courtship is for your partner to get to know you and be ready to live with you.

Back to the story, unknown to the man the second wife is a chameleon, hides everything and just using him to cover her tracks of being a drug pusher/distributor. The worse part is that the three kids they had wasn't actually his.

The first wife's life remain paused. She didn't realised she was getting old until it was late for her. She did try to socialised and got pregnant at 53 years where she died with the pregnancy.

At the age of 75 years the man discovered that his two sons and a daughter he thought was his was for a close neighbour. They had lived together in the same neighborhood for 35 years.

Story to be continued....