Many would wonder ruminate deeply on why something like this should be a subject of discussion. However, we tends to gain a better understanding giving it a proper view.

I am a core Manchester United fan. I am just about to discuss something about one of our rival clubs in England, which is nothing but the same CHELSEA FC (popularly known as the RENT BRIDGE CLUB IN MY COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE).

I just observed their sudden change and improvement in form ever since their new manager, aswell as the past manager of PSG, Thomas Tuchel took over the wheel from Frank Lampard some couple of weeks ago. There has been a kind of improvement both in the players usage, substitution and style of play.

I could also remember the that a whole lot of criticism from the fans then was that Frank Lampard doesn't have a eye on quality players, infact, they were very much of the saying that he actually went for players whom he knew would take forever to discover which wings/positions they would fit it.

Let’s take a deep breath and pounder on the subject matter above. Could anyone have believed that the little success and improvement recorded so far would have been predicted before now considering the average level of play of the players before Tuchel emerged?

Perhaps, the same players with no addition. Same management, same league, same opponents, same pitch. One would wonder at this level if it was the managers change of squad, style of play, players usage, team coordination, the dressing room events, the training prior every single match, players ideology or the team spirit.

This bring me back to the subject of the discussion, which is ' PLAYERS OR MANAGERS, WHO COULD BE RESPONSIBLE'?