​We’re giving away 500,000 Toncoin.Toncoin already listed in FTX,Mexc,Digifinex😀

We’re launching an airdrop where participants can receive up to 5.1 Toncoin by inviting their friends.

To receive the initial 0.1 Toncoin, you need to complete a few simple steps:

1. Subscribe to the English TON Community Telegram channel.

2. Go to @Toncoin_airdrop_eng_bot.

3. Enter the /start command.

4. Send your @wallet address to the bot.

After completing these steps, you will qualify for 0.1 Toncoin. However, you can increase the amount of Toncoin airdropped to your address by inviting new participants.

To invite new people to the airdrop, complete the following:

1. Go to @Toncoin_airdrop_eng_bot.

2. Go to the “Invite friends” sections.

3. Copy the referral link and send it to your friends.

For every user who participates in the airdrop via the referral link, we’ll send you 0.1 Toncoin.

The maximum number of friends a participant can invite is 50 friends; therefore, the maximum amount one participant can receive is 5.1.

Please note: You can only invite people who have not participated in the airdrop.

The airdrop will run from May 12 to 27, and the Toncoin will be sent to the airdrop recipients on May 31.

You can learn more about the airdrop by going to -https://t.me/Toncoin_airdrop_eng_bot?start=7d2addcda8