After a long time, Barcelona had a great performance. Xavi's side beat Atletico Madrid in La Liga match.

The hosts won the home match 4-2 at Camp Nou. In addition to the six goals scored by the two teams, the spectators at the New Camp witnessed an exciting match.

Barcelona's Dani Alvez looked differently after seeing the goals, assists as well as red cards.

In addition to capturing 56 percent of the ball throughout the match, Barcelona have scored four times with nine shots at Atletico's post.

In contrast, Atletico Madrid aimed four times with 10 shots. At this rate, Atletico Madrid topped the La Liga points table in the fourth place of the original Barcelona, ​​the club of Madrid has dropped to fifth place.

At the beginning of the first half, Barcelona fell behind, but Xavi's team returned to the match two minutes apart.

The hosts then took control of the match by scoring two more goals in the first half. Barcelona knocked Atletico Madrid out of the match with a goal early in the second half. Suarez paid for a goal towards the end.

Atletico Madrid stunned the hosts in the 8th minute. Belgian forward Yannick Carasco hit the far post with a placing shot inside Luis Suarez's low pass box from the right. However, after a couple of minutes, Barcelona returned to equality. From the right side of the box, Brazilian right back Dani Alves sent the ball to Alba's goal on the side of the box, from where the ball was caught in the far post with a great volley on the left foot. After returning to parity, Xavi's disciples attacked Atletico more. The young footballer Gavi of the team scored a goal in the 21st minute. The 16-year-old midfielder hit a header from Adama Travar's cross from the right. Gavi saw the second goal in the Barcelona jersey.

Before the break in the first half, Barcelona increased the lead. Atletico's defense was disrupted by an attack in the 43rd minute. Ronald Aroho scored from a free kick by Dani Alves and returned the ball inside the box. Barcelona leads 3-1 in the first half.

Returning from the break, Barcelona scored the fourth goal in the 49th minute. Dani Alves scored a goal with a speed shot from inside the box and explained why he is back in Bara. This is his first goal in La Liga since returning to Barcelona in the second half. Luis Suarez's goal in the 57th minute raised hopes but it was not enough. Only the gap has narrowed. In the 69th minute, Barcelona became a team of ten. Brazilian right back Dani Alves left the field after seeing a red card for kicking from behind. The rest of the time, with a team of ten, Barcelona blocked Atletico Madrid.

In this victory, the real Barcelona rose to the top of the points list with 36 points in 22 matches. Diego Simeone's Atletico Madrid dropped to five with 36 points in the same match.