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The journey began with the hope of a better life, and ended with death in the cold. On January 25, news came that seven Bangladeshis had died. Illegal boats sailed from Libya to the Italian island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean. They lost their lives as their body temperature dropped rapidly during the journey. A total of 260 immigrants were on board the boat hoping for a better life. Among them were Bangladeshis as well as Egyptians.

Spain reported the deaths of 16 more immigrants yesterday. In this case, the target of the immigrants was the Canary Islands, far away from the mainland of Spain. Spanish authorities have rescued more than 300 people from various boats trying to reach the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. They started their journey from North Africa. Shortly afterwards, the news of his death shook everyone, hoping to sail from Africa to Europe in a boat unfit for the open sea.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino says that if the World Cup were to be held in two consecutive years, there would be no loss of life on the way to Europe!

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Infantino has been focusing on finances since he was elected FIFA president in 2016. With him, the Swiss FIFA official is trying to spread the power of the European Football Federation (UEFA) all over the world. In order to achieve the two goals together, the 32-team Football World Cup has been made into 48 teams.

This time he is trying to organize the World Cup for two consecutive years. In order to ensure that FIFA's relatively weak member countries vote in favor, large sums of money have been offered. It has been informed that as a result of this proposal, all the federations will get at least 25 million dollars (214 crore 26 lakh rupees) in 4 years!

But the two most successful regions in football — Europe and South America নয় disagree. Meanwhile, the two federations have threatened to boycott the World Cup. The star footballers are highlighting the possible losses as a result of the extra tournament whenever they get a chance.

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In this situation, Infantino presented his new argument before the Parliamentary Council of the European Council in Strasbour, France yesterday. In front of European lawmakers he said some people are controlling football, they are getting everything. Infantino wants to spread football around the world. The FIFA president thinks that the immigration problem will be solved only if we can spread everything like this, 'We have to find a way to partner with the whole world. We need to give Africans hope that they will not die while crossing the Mediterranean in the hope of a better life. "

Infantino joined the session, accompanied by Arsene Wenger, director of the FIFA World Cup Development Project. The president claims that the solution to the immigration problem is not donations, but equal distribution of resources, 'We should give opportunities, respect, not donations. The whole world must be given a chance to participate.

Speaking in support of human rights, democracy and the rule of law, European Council legislators Infantino said "there is no need for new possibilities and opportunities in Europe."

The best players in the world now play club football in Europe. Adolescents from South America, such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, or Colombia, also moved to Europe to begin spreading the light. So everyone follows European football for the most interesting football. "Football should not say to the whole world, 'You give us all the money and the best players, and watch the game on TV.'"

Infantino wants to spread the meaning of football around the world. "We should make football global, we should spread the values ​​that have been created in Europe," he said. At the end of such an inspiring speech, however, the FIFA president also expressed his disappointment. "Maybe holding the World Cup for two years in a row is not the answer to these problems!"