Good day buddies, I hope we all are enjoying our day? if yes that is awesome. The first rule of soccer is to make sure that we see each other as one by kicking out racism. But despite this I have seen people who still practice this habit, I must admit it is very bad. Funny enough I have seen people who hide this practice but they pushes it secretly. If I may ask, what are you gaining from practicing such habit? Absolutely nothing.

Before I digress let us knows the meaning of what Racism is. This is very vital as without it the essence of this post won't be accomplished.

<center><div class=phishy>What is Racism</div></center>

It can be seen as an act of discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.


With Racism you will see some group of individuals behaving as if other person aren't their class especially if those people didn't have same colour skin with them. It is not usually all about skin colour, languages and other reason can also be the main reason why such hatred is practiced. Now back to today's topic, Racism in soccer.

<center><div class=phishy>What is Racism in soccer</div></center>

Racism in soccer can be defined or seen as simply the ability where players, coach, referee etc are being abuse because of simply their skin colour. While growing up I know how a lot of players were heavily abuse because of their colours and this really triggered a lot of controversy not until the soccer body decided to treat it so special. We all knows the heavily penalty that will be placed on you if you keeps on promoting racism. If you fall inside this tunnel consider yourself as being in trouble.

Racism has eaten into some persons life like a warm and with that Racism in them can't be eradicated completely from. We are all humans growing in one umbrella. With this umbrella covering all of us, we should learn to practice what is right. We should love each other as one and treat each other special. Forget the look and skin colours, nothing is more sweater than leaving in peace, harmony and love.

I have watched a match where the fans where throwing bananas inside the field. There is only one black player in the field, this shows that they all were referring to him as black Monkey. I love how a big penalty was hit on the fans. The football body makes sure that those fans were not allowed to step their foot into any stadium to watch match again. This is just too fantastic.

I heard a story how a white player was playing and anytime he holds the ball the fans will bully him. He keeps up with his match despite the hate. While minding his attitude the fans did one that really annoys him as they called Banana. This really angers him, he left the field of play and that is how he stopped playing for his club. I didn't follow up to ascertain what happened at the end of everything. I would have love to know how the situation ended. Did the body took the situation so strongly by sanctioning the fans - all this is what I want to know but I didn't meet up.

Apart from watching matches, you could have come across Diouf issue, Zinidine Zidane, Yaya Toure, Antonio Rüdiger etc. It was not really easy to see players battling with racism, it will look as if everybody is against you. You will just feel depressed the time and this might affect your life negatively. There is nothing good in Racism and it should be stopped. I love how the soccer body takes it very serious and if you are found guilty you will face something so severe that when you return back from suspension or whatsoever, you will repent lol.

For those that sees themselves as something else, they should have a rethink. We all are breathing same air. We all should treat each other as one and forget skin colours race or nationality. If we sees ourselves as one you will see us waxing stronger and healthier.

As a soccer fan, players, officials, coaches and so on and forth, I am using this post to let you guys knows that Anti Racism starts from us, we should never in any way practice racism. We should instead channel that energy in to something rewarding i.e we should use such energy t preach, practice, love and spread unity.