after a good old friend (programmer and maybe also Steemit ;-) ) found time after his seminar in Paderborn, we drove straight to the next bowling center to throw some balls again after a long time :)

Brunswick balls in different designs are the basic cutlery of every good bowling alley. I have thrown today with the 11er and 12er as well as a few times with the 13er
Of course the best must not be missing at a bowling evening, exactly the good cool target water ;-)

Wednesday evening and the complete hall belongs to us :) A miracle, we could choose the bowling lane where we played 4 rounds of bowling tonight.

Very focused - louis88 aims for the middle of the track and gets ready to throw. Altogether he was able to record 2 victories today. 

After a long time bowling was fun again. Unfortunately the time went by way too fast, 4 games were played fast by the three of us.

Finished with a delicious pizza and several beers this Wednesday was a wonderful day.

When was your last Bowling Session?