A 2,150 psi power punch will take off anyone head, "I will mention psi later." This seems unreasonable for the American state, but I have heard rumors about the return of MMA fighters and boxers to the edge of the range. Is it feasible to throw a fist? What effect does this power have on someone's face?

First of all, I want to clarify the difference between strength and pressure. Force is the cause of one thing to accelerate, for example, the head of the fighter is in the direction of the impact of the throw. In the United States, force is usually measured in pounds. Pressure is the force per unit of contact space, usually expressed in pounds per square inch (psi). Once researchers have studied the ability to punch, they usually focus on force rather than stress because the pressure changes due to the expansion of the contact space during the impact.

Seven Olympic boxers from the heavyweight to the boxer's weight category showed a variety of peak pressures ranging from 447 to 1,066 pounds. Both the boxer's hand and the glove are so important, how hard they punch, and how stiff they command the wrist, shifting energy from punching to focusing on a wide variety of calculations. Obviously, the three flyweights provide a lot more energy than the two super heavyweights.

Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson said he might have more than 920 pounds of impact in the research lab. The researchers studied a real hit of 1,420 pounds, enough to speed up the opponent's head at a speed of fifty-three, or fifty-three times the weight.

Martial arts boxing is usually much less powerful than boxing. A study of 12 martial arts black belts shows that the average force for a reverse impact is 325 pounds and the strongest is 412 pounds. The short range power stroke averages 178 pounds. Another study found that martial artists need 687 pounds of force to break a 1.5-inch thick concrete block. An early researcher can calculate a martial strike that could reach 1,500 pounds, but this number is the deputy of the caregivers.

The peak strike will result in separation of the retina, cerebral hemorrhage, fractures and permanent medical professional barriers. As I mentioned before, one in five boxers suffered from insanity, which is the result of a sustained blow to the skull, characterized by thick words and stopped gait. From 1918 to 1997, boxing killed at least 650 fighters.

Obviously, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters seem to be less dangerous. Since the MMA rules allow for cuddling (meaning fewer punches) and sniping (abandonment), the actual knockdown only occurs 0.5, as in boxing. Instead, you are a boxer or MMA to protect your head as much as possible!