Tully Philadelphia boxer Jesse moves to a new nickname "Hollywood" quickly Saturday night at Ocean Resort Casino.

Hart (25-1, 21 KOs) won a TKO win over Mike Gavronski (24-3-1, 15 KOs) just 52 seconds from Round 3: WBO's super specific fears as their No. 1 Massachusetts

Philadelphia teammate Bryant Byrd (24-2, 14 KOs) continued the Tully TKO win and subsequent contest, stopping heavyweight Alexander Dimitrenko (41-4, 26 KOs) in the 9 series.

3. Throw the first 30 seconds of Gavronski's first turn a deer, and the hart is Gavronski behind him and were close to him on all sides of each other for heavy blows and quick dispatch. Solid and identified with Gavronski the second shock effect, referee TKO Tully Dali, but Erik responded to rule the woods, they face ropes.

"When I first saw my eyes after the change, I was really scared," Tully said. "It started to hold the fingers.With such a person, he was really scared.When they came to battle, save her.This is the difference between war and victory, they fight for survival."

Continuing his impressive performance of the Hearts, Record Loss Rose Lost + GILBERTUS actively emerged from the opening Bell (Bell) filming last September's world title.

I put my hand up for the first time after Gavronski landed the shot, the third face prominently reddened the developer. The boxer, Camry, washes. In the second, the grace of the composition made him in defense, seemed to use the adherence of blame for the little problem, Hart, with it, but quickly changed to the third, so that this cut in the heat of the water.

Toulouse of the Year Win three consecutive years - from the art of the spotlight, in the castle - immediately after the meeting, Ramos puts power of KO Tyrian and revenge match.

"I'm here," Tully said. "I came to him, I stop the excuse, I am in front of you."

It was reached by the other with a legitimate AULACIDAE a duel can Dimitrenko his strength was equal, and even less for a long time.

After a careful examination of the three new fun method of closing the door and gave Dimitrenko was eliminated about 4 in Victoria - everything seemed to make strong waves. He quickly responded to Victoria for five and strong, and the couple began permanently helped the momentum in their favor.

"I was ready for 12 hard rounds," Byrd said. "It's me I had to do, now there was a great way, the one who is a friend of the great ones, I thought, I'm not of what, what was to adjust the slow one?"

AULACIDAE put a little called about 8, put the German air native to Ukraine art and on the ground twice in the highest shot 29 hits send gods Renko saw the last. 2,543 spectators took of him for before the two voices of the night is in decibels hand by which the people to Philadelphia, weddings in a conclusion reached in most part.

Angel Dimitrenko moves at the end of a two-game abandoned after referee Allen Huggins dropped to around 9 to 01:56.

The tip of the nose, and half suddenly, the instruments of social angyeotda Trenton (Dimitrenko) in all things and did not like, would. "Go to the fight," he said later. "I do not know why the referee stopped it."

However, according to Byrd to win at least a first, depending on whether. According to the CompuBox, the recipient, in which he has received the power of only 13 shots in the last three rounds of 45.

It was the fifth consecutive victory in 33 years, won the WBO heavyweight eighth champion in qualifying dating back to 2015.