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Who does not aim to be the richest billionaire on this Earth. But who usually ends up in the top when the list is out, wining the race of making money. Every year there will be a different personality on the top of the list. We usually saw Bill Gates in 1990s as the the richest man on top of the list but later many came up and went down again depending on the share values and other issue.

Previously in the race of billionaires we only saw either a Business men or a movie celebrity. Although now the trend has changed and we have third category in place which is equally in race of billionaires. Yes, if you tried guessing it then the category is Athletes.

Now a days Athletes are in the list of billionaires. They are equally competing with the Business men and move super stars. Celebrities are definitely made famous by us based on the fan following and we the liking their style and acting. We like to view them again and again in action, romance, thriller, adventure and other movies.

And now we started making athletes the billionaires. I think now we are in right direction. These athletes are real hard working  people and they deserve to be the billionaires as they put their full strength in winning a game just for their fans. 

This year 2018 Forbes magazine has selected their top 100 athletes and on top of the list you will find the American boxer Floyd Mayweather. This year he banked 3.8 billion out of which 23% of income was just derived from endorsement and appearances.

How awesome right making money by just appearances :). The fan must be just happy for him and definitely Floyd also will be thanking his fans for all the support and love they have shown for his game. Hardworking athletes definitely deserve the money.

Now when I compare celebrities with these athletes. I definitely want the athletes to be paid high because celebrities make huge money just by signing a movie and thousands and thousands of Ads. Their life is not as hard as of an athlete. TV and movie super start just make money by romancing in movies which is a total fiction and we make them rich because we love entertainment and fiction because what a hero does in movie we can never do that in our real life and that's what keep us pleasing and we like no brainers make them rich by watching their shows and movies. 

I am not against watching movies or shows we all need entertainment and definitely we should love those super starts as well because they definitely put lot of efforts in making a movie. Definitely they are dedicated as well but although when I compare them with athletes they do not deserve to be paid higher than athletes. 

Hope you all agree with me or may have your own opinion. I have shared my opinion here do share your opinion on this post. Would like to hear back from scorum community on this post.

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