The first bout between these two heavyweights took place nearly a year after Tyson's first defeat to 'Buster' Douglas.

Ruddock was the first truly formidable opponent after the two sacrificed to Mike (post his first loss). Donovan Ruddock stylistically was more like Douglas than anything else. His size, length, and power tested Mike in moments..

..but the deceptively fast left hook of the Iron one not only kept Ruddock out of the fight rhythmically, but literally took him out of the fight when ref Richard Steele had seen him take enough.

Many people give Steele problems because of his (occassional) terrible stoppages, and although this one was controversial in that Ruddock was still standing and ate plenty of blows earlier..

..I actually agree with Steele because Ruddock seemed to be disconnected from his body once Mike started landing his flurries.

The combination punching of Tyson is still unparallelled as was his speed and power for his frame.

Mike's style could obliterate any opponent, it was really his mindset and lack of motivation and training which became his downfall. Mike exemplifies human nature in so many ways, especially in the fact that he was born with a gift to fight but never had the attitude to hone perfection.

Post Kevin Rooney and after Cus' passing Mike seemed to lose himself in a dismay of drugs, women, and a life far beyond the one he knew as a youth. Ruddock posed a stuff test, but Mike eradicated him all the same.

Many rumors post Douglas had people saying Mike was completely done, and although his movement and fight iq was never the same, he still had the speed and fervor to destroy his man in the ring.

There was a rematch to this bout in order to remove any controversy the first one caused. The 2nd bout went to decision, and it became a war of clinchin and low blows more than anything else. Ruddock deserves credit for night fighting Tyson scared, he simply went in there with a brash personality and did he best to dethrone an all time great.

Have you seen either of these fights? What do you make of a prime Mike Tyson?