This is arguably the biggest modern era fighting event of all time (unless counting Tyson vs. Lewis at the turn of the millenium).

Conor McGregor is an enigma unlike anything we've seen in the mixed martial arts world let alone the combat sports world. 

His magnetic personality and awe inspiring skill in the Octagon allowed him to breach the general public, and make his way into a sport that has had somewhat of a heated rivalry with mma for decades now. 

This classic interview with Lou DiBella and Joe Rogan arguing about boxing and mma's 'barbarism' and which one is actually better to watch shows how much both sports have evolved since the early 2000s:


Mixed martial arts has made leaps and bounds to legitimize itself as a real sport, and with the help of superstars like Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor.. it finally became a reality. 

The fight itself was actually quite good, and it became an uphill battle for Conor in which most everyone was cheering and jeering for every shot he landed. Floyd fought an admirable fight in which he abandoned most of his defense and style to cater to the fans (in what he knew would absolutely be his last fight). 

I respected both men for travelling the world and really providing a true spectacle for the world to enjoy together. 

The night of Mayweather vs. McGregor, the entire world practically tuned in to pick a side, and that is why we watch! 

McGregor landed the jab more than I thought he ever would, and he actually looked like a pro boxer in some instances over the course of the fight. 

Obviously he was in there with the greatest boxer of this modern era, and he did well for as long as the fight lasted. Conor is surely of a different mindset, and he truly fears no man. 

Did you enjoy the fight? Who did you actually want to win?