I'll never forget the hype and buildup for this fight..

It was almost Oscar De La Hoya's last shot at retribution against Mayweather.. and a way for him to secure a victory over Floyd in his own menial way.

Canelo is the 'Golden Boy' of the post 2010 era, a crown once held by the original campeon himself (in Oscar).

Canelo had an undefeated record of 41-0 at the time, and was only 23 years old. Floyd was undefeated at 44-0, and he was already in his late 30s.

The experience gap was wide, vast, and in plain view of the general public.. but the disdain for Floyd's aesthetic arrogance and overall style of fighting led most boxing fans to cheer and bet on Canelo.

Unfortauntely for the nay sayers, Floyd is the most consistent athlete of all time in terms of performance, and he not only showed up on this fateful night in 2013.. he showed out and made an example of this young lion trying to take his throne.

A lesser man would have succumb to many of the shots Canelo walked through that night; it was truly exemplary on both men's parts, but mostly for Floyd as he showed the legendarily quick straight right hand and his impeccable, impregnable defense through all 12 rounds.

The atrocity of one judge's score put somewhat of a damper on a brilliant night for Floyd, but even with TJ Ross scoring the bout a draw (in what was a complete wipeout for Mayweather) nothing could truly stop the legacy of Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Jr. and the brilliance he displayed each time out between the ropes.

On this night, Floyd proved the corruption of Golden Boy and boxing in general was nothing on his pristine skill and mythic status in the sport.. #AndStill #Undefeated