A tale from many years ago came to light more recently on a sports talk show...

...and although I had only heard rumblings of this story, in actually looking deeper I see that Arum really did save Floyd's life.

J. Prince is a hip hop mogul along the likes of Dame Dash and Puffy, the thing is, J. Prince also had heavy ties to the boxing game and wasn't afraid to bust a few heads if need be.

Here is Arum talking about the situation in a concised video segment (1 minute):

Arum is a bit senile and not the greatest guy, and he really paid J Prince off to rid himself of any blame that may come from the situation moreso than caring for the lives of Mayweather's crew..

The description of baseball bats, a bloody gym, and Floyd asking Arum to release funds for his contract (and his safety) sounds almost like a Hollywood film... but this ain't no film, it's boxing!

Countless stories of promoters and coaches having a major interference in fights exist, but this is one of the less heard about and more compelling tales.

Floyd was a Top Rank fighter for a long time, and in being represented by Arum he was able to become the man he was today.

'Pretty Boy' Floyd (who is undoubtedly the greatest 140 pound fighter of all time) fought under the Top Rank banner, and in moving to Al Haymon's promotion team and eventually into his own (Mayweather Promotions), he showed somewhat of a tratorous attitude towards Arum.

Floyd is arguably the greatest boxer to ever live, but it's not only the skill and hard work.. it's his heartlessness, sophisitcation, and apathy to anyone who gets hurt in his business or warpath.

FMJ showed there is no love lost in the fight game, and it's a dog eat dog world.