Jake Lamotta and Sugar Ray Robinson fought a total of 6 times against each other with only the very last bout being captured on celluloid...

Today in boxing history, Jake Lamotta nearly secures a win in the second closest fight of his and Sugar Ray Robinson's rubber match.

The only footage analysts have of this matchup is from the 6th and final meeting between these two men, but we can tell from prior fights and consistent styles that each fight most likely played out in the same sort of way.

LaMotta truly was a Raging Bull with his foot constantly on the gas.

He'd move forward and throw punches uncaring if he received two or ten punches in the process. The consistent aggression always won over a judge or two but Sugar Ray found ways to 'rope-a-dope' Lamotta and pot shot him at will.

It seems as though Sugar was only able to finish LaMotta once in his tenure, and that was in the first matchup between the two.

I believe that LaMotta had an incredible mindset, and he truly cared more about never letting Ray get him down again as opposed to actually winning.

Jake pulled a win out of the bag when he fought Sugar in a rematch. Sugar may have underestimated the brawler with how easy he dismantled him the first time, but Jake showed immense heart through the counterpunches and was able to knock 'SRR' through the ropes (which secured the knockdown... and practically the win).

The film 'Raging Bull' creates an incredible portrayal of LaMotta and how his charging attitude towards life created all his fortune and all his misery.

"I fought Sugar Ray Robinson so many times, it's a wonder I don't have diabetes."

The matches between these two men must have been exhilarating to watch. From the final bout we see constant action and just an absolutely brilliant performance (from an already older Robinson at that point in time).

Were you aware these guys fought 6 times? Did you know Sugar Ray Robinson possesses over 170 wins and less than 20 losses? Is he the greatest of all time?