Boxing is a game of battling with fists, likewise called pugilism (literally fist fighting) and prizefighting (as it were, the battle for prizes/cash). Boxing has been incorporated the Olympic Games program since 1904. For a considerable length of time individuals utilized their fists to determine debate before somebody thought of sorting out such battles as diversion.

In Ancient Greece, Boxers fought in open air with no corners, ropes or rounds. They were popular figures especially those who could prove their courage and endurance. With no time limit to a fight, the loser would signify his defeat by raising one finger. At first boxers were thongs of soft leather found about their fists. The wrappings became harder and harder until the invention of the bloody accessories. A Hard covering studded with iron or brass knuckles. 

The used of the cesta continued into roman times. Through the renaissance the upper classes had better things to do. Boxing was only for the lower classes. Bare-knuckled remained a poor-man's activity until the 18th century when James Figg. 

His successor Jack Broughton drew up a set of guidelines and introduced a padded glove in order to make boxing more appealing.

Young noble man could now box without bruising their faces. But boxing was still pretty rough as it had been since the Greeks. Legal tactics included kicking, punching and wrestling. The Queensburry rules developed in the late 1800s gave humanitarian guidelines to the sport. Boxing gained rapid popularity in the United States which produced many bare-knuckled heroes of its own.

 In 1879, John L Sullivan fought the last bare-knuckle bout in the woods of Mississippi against Jake Killion a bout took over 3 hours and ended after 89 knock downs when Kilrain was unable to stand-up.

A few years later, the course of boxing was forever changed by Thomas Edison whom invented the movie camera.

His first camera was housed in a large light gathering tent he called the Black Moriah. He paid Jim Corbett $5,000 to spar with a fighter named Courtney in his homemade studio. 

The movie camera became the television camera, the studio became the indoor arena. The ring ciders became the electronic spectators. But as they box before the eye of the camera, today's young fighters seek the same glory known by boxers of the ancient groups.