As a spotty teenager and and into young adulthood, there was one sportsperson that really resonated with me, his name was 'Iron' Mike Tyson.

No matter what you think of Mike and all of his publicised Mr meaner activities, the guy was a formidable power house in the world of boxing, and was fearless beyond any stretch of our imaginations as mere mortals, on this crazy planet of ours. 

His boxing record reads...

We all know what the disqualification was for,right? cited from Wikipedia -

I could write about Mike and his boxing career until the cows come home, but hat would be a very long and tedious read for you all! so, let's sit back and enjoy some of Mikes best KO's and battles courtesy of YouTube.

Just marvel at the pure raw power and precision of Mikes close range shots! Imagine being on the end of one of those bad boys as it connects with your chin! Some of those fighters obviously didn't study his previous fights, before steeping in the ring with him. I think the referee should have stepped in much sooner to stop the fight, maybe, in the dressing room would of been a good idea.

Thanks for reading my first Scorum blog post! I believe in the power of video when it comes to sport, so I hope you enjoyed this epic Mike Tyson compilation.