After 95 days, the largest multisports competitions in Europe will begin.

Especially for these games, a free sticker pack for Viber messenger has been released. Download stickers at this link. And we will present some of them in this news:

As you can see, some of the stickers are in English, some in Russian, but these, for example, in Belarusian:

In the first reported: “Proud to be a Belarusian”, in the second - “That’s Belarus, baby!”

We will explain a couple of inscriptions in Russian:

1st - "Let's hug", 2nd - "Missing You"

The main character of all the stickers is the mascot of the upcoming European games Fox Lesik. Stickerpack plot illustrate common situations from the lives of fans and athletes. Cartoon hero supports teams, rejoices in victories and experiencing failures. Stickers are universal, and they can be used to convey emotions in correspondence with friends, fans.

So, once again, the stickpack can be downloaded here:

You can download Viber messenger for free here: Viber users say that it is very user friendly and has a very intuitive interface:

And what is your opinion on the released sticker? Do you like it? Write in the comments.