Billy Joe Sanders

The Billy Joe Sanders video has been viral for the last few days. Billy Joe Sanders is very disappointed with it. So he went after a very embarrassing situation for such an unpleasant incident. Billy Joe Sunders apologized for this video, which is described by the police as "sick" where he supplied medicine for a woman.

This video has been posted on several British media and websites ((including The Independent), WBO Middleweight World champion offers a car driver for seemingly offering outside the car"150 pounds for perform" so that he can work with them. Other passengers of the car called it as sexual harassment for public place.

Before Sanders moved some distance, the woman appeared striking a man in the footage. There is no drug in the video and the 29-year-old boy was taken a video Twitter to apologize.

Police have started an investigation for this incident. 

A police spokesman in Nottinghamshire says: "This army has been created", they promote a video for a conscious consolation, where drugs are given instead of working for a woman's violence and possible sexual behavior. 

"Officials will be searching to identify and talk to all those who are in this sick video and the number of crime-stolen crimes will be fully inspected, in which assistance with the offer of class A medication will be provided and an assault, assault and public order Abetting of crime

"Such unpleasant incidents will not be tolerated in Nottinghamshire police department, and we have more information about anyone who would encourage anyone to be witnesses for this incident, or who are responsible for this."

Sanders has been charged on this subject and the hearing will take place next week in the British Boxing Board of Control.