Hi guys, as you already know I do talk much about some boxing sensations we all should definitely watch out for, this dude also fits the category as he has been performing very well, he is also a beast in the ring and he is definitely a good boxer. He is a new Prospects at 108lb and his name is Agustín Mauro Gauto 🇦🇷

He is nicknamed "The plane" and he is one of the great hopes of Argentine boxing, with just 23 years of age, a short but powerful professional career and an excellent amateur career, Gauto is a boxer with excellent technique, speed and KO power. , live for boxing 24 hours a day. of the day, he takes care of himself and trains under the supervision of his team, he knows that he is very close to a World Cup chance, he almost had it in 2020, but it was canceled due to the pandemic, meanwhile he is ranked number 1 in the WBO and number 3 at the WBA. He currently he is the International WBO Light Fly Champion.

Agustín Gauto did not have a simple adolescence. At 15 he dropped out of school because money was not enough in his house and he had to work as a bricklayer. “The day I turned pro I decided to stop working and dedicate everything to boxing. Thank God I was able to do it, even though I was in financial straits, ”he recalls. "Due to issues of time and training, I cannot attend," explains El Avión, "but finishing school is something that remains pending for me." He considers himself more of a counter-puncher than an attack fighter, hopefully he stays on the right track and is given that chance, to show if he really is in the elite of his weight.