Hello guys, I have been wanting to make a post on this boxing beast whom I think many boxing fans would have easily forgotten due to how he ended his boxing career.

It is impossible not to remember what was possibly the most complete fight of him. The one he contested on November 13, 2010, against the "Tijuana Tornado", where he practically touched perfection in attack, where he made a 411/713 in power shots, throwing a total of almost 90 hits per round. Margarito also launched about 70 per round or a total war. This fight is surely the biggest beating received by a boxer in the 21st century, the Filipino was in incredible shape, he overwhelmed his rivals, but that day it was sublime, because the Mexican's style suited him like a glove.

He also influenced the catchweight at 150 pounds, which left the Mexican practically squeezed, while the Filipino had extra weight. That night Margarito suffered irreparable damage to his right eye, in fact the Filipino loosened the last rounds given his superiority. Years before, he had been a triple world champion at 147lb, with a total of 10 wins with eight knocked out in title bouts. It is not that his career was exemplary at the beginning, he started with a mediocre 9-3, but then he began to win consecutive fights, beating quality people, such as a young Maravilla Martínez, David Kamau or Frankie Randall. He reached the world title by defeating a solid boxer like Antonio Díaz.

Certainly although he suffered some defeat during his reigns, he was best known for his great ability to hit down and be a great striker. It was spectacular his two victories against Kermit Cintron, whose morale he really ate. But the victory that makes him a Mexican hero is against Miguel Cotto, who was undefeated in 32 fights and was a clear favorite of his. However he received a beating that forced her to ask the corner of him for compassion. After that fight, none were the same again, although for different reasons.

Margarito's motive was brought to light in his next fight, the now famous bandage ruse of coach Capetillo, which cost both the boxer and the coach suspension, as both were found guilty.

Some time later his rival was another self-acknowledged cheater, Shane Mosley, who claimed to have used EPO. Margarito suffered a humiliating defeat that day, but the worst thing is that he suffered a huge loss of prestige. In a suicidal attempt to regain his honor, he faced Pacquiao, where we already know that he received a tremendous beating that ended his career, because in another bad decision, he signed the rematch against Miguel Cotto. Obviously the fight ended up being stopped by the bad condition of Margarito's eye. In a logical way he supposedly announced his retirement. Unfortunately years later he announced his return at 38 years old, his return fight against a series B, like Jorge Páez Jr, made it clear that Margarito was a shadow because he had a bad time against a fighter like "Maromerito" who is a 135 / 140lb , and even Tony was shot down.

His next fight was against another series B boxer, like Inocente Álvarez, neither was his performance against a very limited fighter. Two victories suffered, but looking for a third that brings him closer to a title, he chooses a rival that he could face years before, such as Carson Jones, an experienced fighter with about 60 fights and victories in intermediate titles, who in 2012 was close to defeating Kell Brook. The fight started with a dominant Margarito, but little by little he ran out of steam, until he reached the seventh where he was dead. In an unexplained decision, he stopped the fight but not to give Jones the winner, which was the logical thing to do, but to go to the scorecards.

Which show the double robbery committed, give the winner to a Margarito with a shattered face and a sunken soul, while Jones with a spotless face remains with a poker face. Luckily after that embarrassment, Margarito retires permanently, a boxer who was an idol for his spectacular victories and a national hero, until he was caught cheating and suffered a loss with a tremendous beating, then he was thrown in the trash . No one doubts that he even he would have been a Hall of Fame, didn't Shane Mosley get in? Because if Margarito had won Pacquiao, all his insults would have been forgotten, as Napoleon supposedly said "Victory has 1000 parents, however defeat is an orphan."

Nobody wants to be with the losers and more if they are cheats, however the winners are forgiven everything, if Margarito can be judged for his mistakes the logical thing is that the supposedly current pound for pound is also done the same.

Margarito is the clear example of a boxer who was thrown away, not simply for cheating but for losing and nobody wants defeated heroes, but people who win in any way, of course as long as they don't get caught. For the record, for me what Antonio Margarito and his preparers did is something criminal, but the hypocrisy of those who never criticized him in his prime and yet insulted him when he stopped being useful causes me amazement. Traps are always despicable and no victory justifies them.