Today, I remember one of the best beast boxer to ever grace the ring, he is truly a remarkable gem back in his days and he isn't that known by many boxing fans but today in history, I will like to talk about him and he is one great fighters that few remember. Karel Sys was a special talent from Belgium and he is born on February 1914, The Beast of Belgium began his career as a professional boxer in 1932, at welterweight, with a points victory over Emile Ballister. The following year (1933), he won his first title (East and West Flanders welterweight title) when he beat Ward Meulebrouck. From the date of his debut (1932) until March 1935 he managed to accumulate 32 bouts of which he only lost two, one to Len Baetens and the other to Adrien Anneet.

A fairly fast pace and very usual at that time, taking into account that he accumulated these fights in less than three years of career and 21 years of age. The most demanding scenario up to this point in his short career would come in the month of April, 1935, when he moved up from Welterweight to Middleweight, fighting for the Belgian title, against Gustave Roth, a fight in which he was dominated and lost on points. It was a very frustrating blow for Sys, but he would not give up his desire for a national title. Driven by that desire, the following year (1936) he would gain weight again, to contest a fight for the Belgian light heavyweight title against Jean Berlemont.

Considering that the year before he couldn't make it at a lower weight, few owe him a shot at the title, but in the Sys match he gave the impression of being comfortable at the weight. The training for this fight was specially planned to come out in possession of the title that he had sought so much. Sys, managed to overcome by split decision (SD), Berlemont who was at his natural weight and, at last, managed to obtain his much desired national title.

He managed to make successful defenses of this title against boxers of the stature of Auguste Devos, Adolf Heuser, Adolf Witt, in addition to defending it in a rematch match against Berlemont. At the end of the year 1937, after gaining recognition at the continental level he would obtain a chance in pursuit of a world (IBU) and continental (European) title, these in possession of Roth. The predictions of the match were in Roth's favor, but the match was more even than expected, so much so that it resulted in a draw and the champion managed to retain his titles.

1938 would start with a stumble, after a loss to Heuser, but a six-game winning streak helped him rise again in the category and he would get a shot at the European title against Heinz Lazek in early 1939. But Sys was clearly outnumbered by points. , once again leaving the opportunity to be continental champion. Up to this point Karel Sys, had already known three weight classes (Welter, Medium and Light Heavy) in which he lost bouts that could crown him as world and continental champion, but these setbacks would not determine what would come next for Karel's career Sys.