I'd love to hear who everyone's favourite fighter is. Not the greatest of all times, not the best talent ever. Just, who is your favourite and maybe an example of why.

For me it's Marciano. "The under-rated, over-rated champion". Slick enough to give trouble to very sound boxers of his era. Powerful enough to send many crashing to the canvas. Above all, though; a true champion. Fought anyone brave enough to get in the ring. Trained his hardest for every fight. Never showed up half assed. He was a champions champion like those of old. Hard as nails, powerful puncher, willing fighter. Was he scientific? No, god no. But he was far more elusive than many give credit. Woefully under gunned physically. Short reach, modest bodyweight, started boxing very late. It's because of those short comings I feel he earns such a high place. If he hadn't retired I strongly feel he would have gone undefeated until Liston was given a shot in 58/59'. I strongly believe he would have destroyed every other challenger. Alas, he retired. He had his reasons, he had several, and he stayed retired.