We are finishing this year 2021 and it is time to make a small summary of what happened in the world boxing scene and to a lesser extent with regard to Spanish fighters. I will do it the Golden Era way, that is, also highlighting the boxers who have joined the Pitbull Command and those who unfortunately have "preferred" to be members of the Poodle Patrol, always clear from my personal opinion.

The best Boxer this year has been the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, who after unifying cruiserweight, winning the Muhammad Ali trophy and annihilating Tony Bellew, decided to move up to heavyweight, seeking to make history as the mythical Evander Holyfield who was undisputed in cruiser and heavy.

After a couple of not very showy fights, he has the opportunity to win three of the four belts, against the "Bodybuilding Poodle" Anthony Joshua, whom he gave a boxing chair and being about to knock him out in the last seconds of the season. twelfth round. Getting a brilliant victory, Usyk, who has in only 19 fights a career of true legend. The biggest disappointment has been the Japanese Naoya Inoue, who has totally wasted the year, with two disappointing fights against opponents of unworthy level for the supposed top three pound for pound, such as Michael Dasmarinas and Aran Dipaen, boxers as they say here in Spain " not acquaintances or at home at mealtime ”.

The Japanese since his fight against Nonito Donaire has done absolutely nothing relevant, his place on the pound-for-pound list being unjustified. The Pitbull of the year has undoubtedly been Joseph Díaz Jr. with three fights of authentic level, against Rahkimov, the "Bee" Fortuna and finally against Devin Haney. Unfortunately King Poodle Ryan Garcia ran away, depriving JoJo of the opportunity to beat him up. People like JoJo Díaz exemplify courage and dignify noble art. A brave guy who accepts fights without making any made-up excuses and deserves every last dollar paid.

The King Poodle of the year of course has been Ryan “Rihanna” García, who since his fight against English Campbell has done nothing more than talk and make more and more incredible excuses.

A boxer who is truly embarrassing to others, after leaving Javier Fortuna and JoJo Díaz stranded, who had to fight each other because of García's cowardly attitude, who is more of an Instagram boxer than of the ring. Few people can believe in the American anymore, who only speaks outside the string. The fight of the year, Kambosos vs Teófimo López, a fight that had novel overtones, with an auction totally disproportionate to the estimated value of its contenders. The promoter Thriller proved to be selling smoke and being incapable of organizing such a fight with a minimum of guarantees. Luckily after multiple delays, we were able to witness an exceptional fight, where the Australian stunned the boxing world by taking down the boastful Honduran. A fight of alternatives where a divided decision was made, but that did justice with undoubtedly the surprise of the year.

The robbery of the year, Oscar Valdez vs Robson Conceição, it is unlikely to find a fight where there has been more amount of nonsense in a row. Namely, first they looked for a rival to the little recognized (at a professional level) Brazilian, who he placed in 15th place of the 126lbs of the WBC, just so that he could dispute that fight. Then came the Oscar Valdez phentermine doping scandal, which was joined by the fabricated explanations of a supposed tea and the not very transparent performance of the WADA, which allowed an illegitimate confrontation. But to further derision, there was a scandalous robbery, notably damaging Robson Conceição, who won the fight from end to end, as the faces of one and the other showed at the end of it, the Brazilian's face perfect and the American's totally swollen. An endless scandal, the only good thing that brought us was the discovery of Robson Conceição as a boxer to be reckoned with.

We can also highlight the memorable victories of the Spanish Sandor Martin and Kiko Martínez, in combats against Mikey García and Kid Galahad respectively, when no one outside of Spain gave a dollar for their victories. Remarkable is also the role of the boxers who have fought for the undisputed titles without any excuses, an enormous merit without a doubt. Unfortunately people like "Triple Fraud" Golovkin, have spent the whole year without contesting a single round, taking their titles hostage and fleeing Demetrius Andrade, who is undoubtedly the most avoided fighter in recent years.