With the Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury fight, after Lennox Lewis, we will have a solid, unified and undisputed English heavyweight champion. The baddest man on the planet is defined in this fight. The reality is that the crown, or heavyweight belt, has had a very interesting history.

Since Marciano's retirement as undefeated, to date, the heavyweight champion must be by a unanimous decision, without reproaches in between, the best that he beat the best. Obviously, the formalities of the belts involved make it difficult for the champions to unify. Each entity with its clauses and mandates makes it difficult for a champion to reign indisputably.

When Lennox Lewis was the undisputed champion of the WBA, WBC, IBF, IBO and The Ring, when he retired while still champion, they had to give the recognition of linear champion to Vitali Klitschko, and that is when the reign of the Ukrainian dynasty begins. The reality is that there was no undisputed unification on the part of either brother, Vitali vacated the WBC, the most prestigious, and Wladimir lost his title to Fury.

So here Deontay Wilder comes into the equation. Wilder gradually became the undisputed WBC heavyweight champion in 2015. That same year but later, Fury would take over all the other belts by beating Wladimir Klitschko, so unification was closer than ever. The drug problem and the premature retirement of Fury, gave way to none other than Antonhy Joshua.

Who would begin his reign as WBO, IBF AND WBA unified champion (and also the IBO, although now the WBO is more relevant). But Fury came back stronger than ever, and instead of recovering what was his and going for Joshua, he decided to build a path to go for the title he was missing, the Mexican green WBC. Draw and then victory against Wilder, in theory, they already make him the undisputed heavyweight champion, since his other belts did not lose them, but were stripped.

But the reality is that Joshua is the new champion, and if Fury can win back the belts that were taken from him, then that, in my humble opinion, would make him a two-time unified heavyweight champion. I sincerely think that with all this interesting new heavyweight history and the early proclamation of an absolute champion after a long time, boxing has a promising new era.

Who wins?