I have already written a post on some of my best and great defensive boxers in my opinion and the list wouldn't be a nice one if I exclude this people right here,

1 . Pernell Whitaker There is. not much to say about this boxer. As they say in the USA, "Julio Chavez was lucky that the judges did not see what he ruled." Whitaker beat Buddy McGirt, Azumah Nelson, Jose Luis Ramirez, Jorge Páez, etc. A great defensive boxer and one of the most elegant in boxing history, very few boxers had that move in the ring.

2. Johnny Famechon

This Australian was a defense machine. He was Miguel Lora on steroids. Many forget about this great boxer who never, I repeat, never appears on any list of the best boxers in defense but Jimmy gives you it hard without Vaseline. Famechon beat Jose Legra, Fighting Harada and Arnold Taylor a South African legend. Whoever does not know who he is, I recommend that you take a look at him.

3. Hillario Zapata

A very difficult defensive genius from Panama to hit. A country that. Or he gets a lot of credit because he doesn't get stars at the Boxing level when you have to compete with the United States and then Mexico or England. This boxer is never mentioned but he had a great defense and was a flyweight champion thanks to his great defense. He who does not know this boxer does not know Latin boxing.

As a special mention I want to put Miguel Lora, Andre Ward, Tippy Larkin etc, among many others where I have a top-25 list in defense