For all my fellow Scorum boxing Fans,

Who is the greatest Fighter of all time?

I'll start it off, For Me It's My Boxing Idol, The late Great Sugar Ray Robinson.

The Boxing Experts say He's the closest thing to a Perfect all around Fighter. He had awesome Punching Power. Over 100 career Knockouts, One of the greatest Boxer Punchers of all time. He had a Rock solid Chin, He had outstanding Stamina. In His prime He was almost unbeatable, Almost all His losses were way past His prime.

He never lost a Amateur Fight and He had 69 Knockouts as a Amateur.

His Speed, Power, And Stamina was like a 20 Year Old. Its 2020 and I still watch some of his highlights even though some new boxing sensation as emerged, Muhammad Ali would easily be everyones choice considering how smart and intelligence he is and also he would also be remembered for his sportmanship and honesty outside the boxing ring but let's be honest if you had watch Sugar Ray Robinson fight you would definitely change your mine. Don't judge me, i love Ali also but my Greatest bxer would and will always be Sugar Ray Robinson

The GOAT, If You have one please name Him.