Today I Will be talking about this legend in the women's boxing world, and she is also The Legend's daughter, Muhammad Ali, She was born in Miami, Florida. As expected, since she was a child, her life was linked to boxing. She is the second daughter of the nine that the great Ali had with his third wife, Verónica Porsche. Her father did not want her to take up boxing, as he knew the risks involved, but her blood and lineage were stronger. Her childhood was spent in southern California with her family, during her adolescence she appeared on the conflictive side of her and spent time in a juvenile correctional facility. Upon leaving, she devoted herself fully to her studies and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration. From then on she became a skilled businesswoman, opening her own beauty salon, having worked as a manicurist while studying.

In 1996, when she reached the age of 19 hers and after being absorbed by watching the fight between the champion Christy Martin and Deirdre Cogarty on TV, she decided to venture into boxing. While she always excelled in sports and did some boxing as a fitness activity, she had never set out to enter professional boxing. By communicating it to her father, he tried to dissuade her, but when he noticed her conviction and her determination, she gave him all of her support and invaluable advice from her. After a very brief amateur preparation, she made her professional debut on October 8, 1999, knocking out April Fowler at 38 ”in the first round. Her career from the beginning of it captured all the attention of the boxing world.

Logically, because of her legendary surname, but also because of her privileged physique, both in structure, 1.78m tall, with a reach of 1.80m and a weight of 76kg, as well as in proportions, athleticism and power. She boxed very well, with great technique, both in attack and defense, she had excellent transfer and legs and great power in both hands. In just over two years, she had a run of 10 consecutive wins, eight of them by KO. In her eighth fight, she defeated the daughter of another legend, Jacqui Frazier, daughter of the unforgettable "Smoking Joe." The fight, called "Ali - Frazier IV", was a tremendous fight in which Ali won on points in eight rounds.

Laila retired so early and became a great multimedia personality, publishing in 2002 a motivational book: “Alcance! Finding strength, spirit and personal power ”.in 2007, alongside the great Sugar Ray Leonard, she edited a series of fitness videos. She, too, has been a health correspondent on NBC's "Early Show" and a participant in ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." In 2008 and until 2019 with Hulk Hogan, she co-hosted "American Gladiators" on NBC, and she was on several other shows. She is also president of the Women's Sports Foundation.

She was married twice, first to a Box promoter, whom she divorced in 2005 and in 2007 she married former NFL football player Curtis Conway, with whom she had a son and a daughter. Conway also has three children from her first marriage, the family resides in California. Laila Ali was selected to join the Boxing Hall of Fame, in Canastota, NY, for this 2021, along with former champions Wladimir Klitschko and Floyd Mayweather. The ceremony will be in June. A return to the Ring is also rumored, after more than a decade of her retirement, to face Clarissa Shields, of which there is nothing confirmed yet.