If you think cricket and football are the two best sports that can make you famous and super rich then you are completely wrong. Boxing is one the sports that is showering huge money on its players. Floyd Mayweather is the richest sports person in the world who gets truck loaded money for every match he plays. Mayweather loves his money so much that he makes sure to be surrounded with bundle of notes every time whether sleeping or going out.

You will stun to realize that this player whose total assets is 4 thousand crores has a propensity for resting in a bed which is loaded up with cash. He adores to go through cash with open hands and his home is brimming with extravagance things which you can just dream to have in your lifetime.

At whatever point Mayweather went to any strip club, he spends lakhs and crores of cash on young ladies. Not just this, he has so much propensity for burning through cash that he pulls back billions of cash from bank and in some cases, bank need to send a truck loaded up with cash to his home.

Mayweather is the proprietor of three lions and furthermore have enormous accumulation of autos and other extravagance things. In 2017, Mayweather won the most costly match in the wake of overcoming lord of marshal expressions Conor Mcgregor and got cash prize of $100 million which implies Rs. 650 crore. It was his 50th winning in his vocation.

Before this, in 2015, Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao and won $200 million (around 1300 crores in Indian rupees). People consider him psycho because of his money spending habit.