Fear is the reason we never treat or fail when we try. Knowing how to overcome your own fears you will be able to open much more possibilities in your life

Suddenly they did not know but before jumping from the top of the river, at first I was very scared, but I managed to learn to relax discovering more possibilities and I could not see when I was afraid.

But what is fear? It is a defense mechanism designed to survive in dangerous circumstances from high heart rate giving high power to our muscles trying to survive we become the strongest versions of ourselves.

In a situation of danger there are three types of responses that are programmed in our head by Evolution:

1. Fight,

2. Flight 

3. Paralysis

Our basic instincts are only reflection of how things were in the past, but for a modern human in today's world these instincts are not always appropriate.

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1.-The state of consciousness: fighting is the direct resistance

Force against force there are situations in which fighting may be the only option. Fight IS primary defense mechanism, the mind is simplified for it. Attack mode and activates all the functions of the body to give you strength to fight. All the power that immediately comes our hands, not wholly is in control of our minds. The problem with this mode is that when it is already on, it is very difficult to turn it off.

The struggle can be literal or the metaphorical resistance against the direction that things go. When there is no way to resist the opposition or to emerge victorious, we must retire.

2.-The state of consciousness: flight

The escape has saved the creatures for many millions of years. The problem with this state of consciousness is that people panic and flee the situation until there is no longer any danger. Choosing to flee from the object of our fear is the decision that leads nowhere, just a vicious cycle of fleeing, falling and running even more. Deprived of two other options mammals tend to stand still and wait for the danger to pass.

3.-The state of consciousness: paralysis

Paralysis is the most dangerous state of the three, it leaves us unable to act when action is necessary paralysis is a selection we make if not a habit of our minds. Paralysis means practically giving up that makes this state of consciousness lead to the worst possible outcome, when we are afraid our old brain also called Reptile brain takes control and does the things that saved our species is a very past Far away when we let our fear win we literally lose the position of the smartest creatures on the planet. For example when my dog is chasing pigeons on the street is completely happy, in its essence of predator that makes you feel in control of the situation. But it is completely different when they throw fireworks hides shivering and seems very concerned. His emotional response takes control of him and he is waiting for the danger to pass. It's exactly the kind of reaction that hurts people and turns them into the shadows of what they might be.

It is only the ability to manipulate our emotional responses that gives us total control of life if we are always afraid to take risks we will not live what you could live. When you confront your fears this completely alone and it all depends on your bravery and self-confidence.

In every situation it depends only on you, stay still, flee or fight


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