The UFC lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, managed to defend the title against Conor McGregor.
Russia remains undefeated in his career, winning 27 matches in total in his career.
The 30-year-old won full-merit in the fourth round, but in the end things came out of control and the title-division ceremony was postponed for another time.
Below you have everything about this showdown (from the launch to the octagon, to the moments of chaos at the bottom of it):
UFC president Dana White asked Khabib to leave Octagonal for security reasons (fearing there would be mass clashes). Russia initially refuses to look for the title, but eventually accepts it and so is accompanied by the police and the insurance goes to the dressing room.

Round 1: Everything begins with a body-armed clash as this is what Khabib wants as a wrestling specialist, but Conor managed to keep it well, even though he was always under Russian.

Round 2: Khabib gives a powerful blow to the right and immediately concedes Conorin's finish and continues to give a series of Irish strikes, but Conor managed to stand at the end of the round.

Round 3: In this round, the two athletes stayed on foot, Conor was more cautious and dangerous, but failed to give any strong blow to Khabib.

Round 4: Khabin immediately took over the lead and after a typical wrestling move to catch Conorin on the neck, making Irish breathing harder and surrendering. FITON KHABIB.