BOXING: Tyson Fury weighs his options

It was indeed a delight for many British fans as Tyson Fury emerged victorious over Deontay Wilder in the trilogy battle.

Ever since then, the question existing in the minds of many boxing fans is what next for Tyson Fury.

What is next for Tyson Fury

A victory for Anthony Joshua against Oleksandr Usyk would have meant an instant undisputed bout between Fury and Joshua.

However, that did not come to pass as Joshua was defeated by Usyk.

Boxing experts predict next move

Many have predicted that Joshua would back down and Oleksandr Usyk would face Fury immediately. However, there has been no final decision made concerning that.

On the other hand, many have urged Fury to work on a bout with Dillan Whyte, provided Joshua remains keen on having a second bout with Oleksandr Usyk.

Dillan whyte seems not to have made up his mind

While Joshua shows no sign of backing down from an Oleksandr Usyk bout, Dillian Whyte seems to be making things tough to agree upon concerning a fight with Fury.

According to the WBC rulings, Fury is supposed to face Whyte, but white seems not to completely agree on some current terms of negotiations.


A refusal to agree on fighting terms with Dillian would mean an automatic stripping of the WBC title held by Fury.

With that in mind, Fury would be doing all he can to make sure this fight finally goes through.