UFC: Conor Mc Gregor has a recount of his 2018 experience

A recount of Conor Mc Gregor's team member was given in a recent media statement.

According to him, he pointed out that the devotion of Conor Mc Gregor is second to none. The UFC fighter was imprisoned in 2018 for some violent related issues.

However, on his release, he immediately went to the gym and begun his training regime. A perfect definition of “No days off”.

Mc Gregor on the headlines

At first, the UFC fighter was not apprehended by the police. So he was declared wanted.

On seeing his name in the police wanted list, Conor simply offered himself to the police officers. He was in their custody for several hours before being released.

Andrew Mc Gahon relates later events

After his release from police custody, trainer Andrew Mc Gahon has revealed what Conor did next.

The UFC fighter Popularly known as the Notorious MMA had held a training session before the event. When he was released, his trainers expected him to take a rest and digest the events that had just happened.

However, Conor was having none of that. He immediately made his way back to training to complete his set out daily training targets.


The event related by Mc Gahon reveals Mc Gregor is the epitome of the never say never attitude. One who never gives up.

Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel