Hi Scorumians,

This is the second part of the Guide to Boxing Series. In this part, we are going to learn basic boxing punches techniques for a beginner along with some tips and tricks. Hope you will be loved this part too.

Here you go,

Boxing Punching Techniques

Boxing is all about punching so we should be calmed and relaxed while throwing the punches. As a beginner, you need to learn the proper punching forms which are acting as a backbone in this sport. It is crucial to learn fundamental things so you can add different variations to your punch later on. Its obvious, punch would be fit to your style.

  • Choose fairly a relaxed position to start
  • Exhale while throwing the punch
  • Secure your body muscles & fist at the collision
  • Free your hand 

Punching Tips

The real beauty of this sport is to balance your body weight while punching off. This thing will come from experience and skills. Here I'd like to mention a few Punching Tips.

  • Breathe out at every single shot
  • A non-punching hand should be defending your other side of the body
  • Keep your balance and stance for desirable strength and capacity 
  • Don't turn the JAB while turning out the pivot of your feet and body.
  • There is only straight punch which has some variation including uppercut punches and hook punches which are elbow down and elbow sideways respectively.

Furthermore, let me tell you some tips about JAB and right cross punches. Both are a vital weapon in boxing which you need to focus the most.


  • Expand the left fist straight forward while keeping the rest body calmed and relaxed.
  • Spinning the fist to land with the help of palm down and breathe out quickly as much as you can while punching.
  • While defending, pull the hand back instantly 

Why is JAB crucial to boxing? It is used to make space, defend, attack, score points, counter, and much more than that. JAB is the fastest punch which uses very less energy. You may know in the future that JAB is the basic one as every combo starts with that. Pay heed to learn it.