What's good Scorum maniacs, long time no see you            around but it's good to be finally back on track. 

So nearly a month ago our friend @robin-ho (Mindblast) posted about a possible rematch between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. At first I laughed out a bit given that there were no real signs or rumors of this fight happening. But now with humility I have to take my hat off, and give my props to Mindblast for unofficially calling this one out. Why? You see, Mayweather just announced he will come out of retirement to fight Pacquiao on December, in what might be, again, the biggest event in boxing history.

The two encountered at a music festival in Tokyo where both  exchanged words. Floyd and his team were shouting at Pac "easy work, easy work" as Floyd got close to him and said "I don't wanna hear you say that your shoulder was hurt" which Manny replied with laughs.

With this announcement, Floyd proves once again he is one of the best promoters in the boxing business. What a better time to announce a comeback than the day of the not now best fight of the year. Canelo and GGG will fall short against this possible fight. 

The winners of course are all the boxing fans around the world, who now will have a year's end packed with murderous prize fights. The  loser is Amir Khan who is expecting to fight Manny yet once again Floyd might ruin him a big payday.

As for now all is speculation, we never know when it comes to Floyd. I personally think that he is testing the market and just waiting to see how fans react in order to see if it's profitable for him; At the age of 41, he's only looking for a nine figure check.

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