professional boxer from the United States who was born June 30, 1966 in Brooklyn named Michael Gerard or better known as Mike Tyson is a heavyweight champion in the world who reached the record WBC, WBA, IBF,

Mike Tyson's career began with amateur boxing, before plunging into professional boxing after attending an amateur boxing qualifier for the Games from Henry Tillman.

Mike Tyson competed professionally for the first time on March 6, 1985 in Albany, New York. He won in the first round. He then fought 15 more times in 1985, Tyson also won all matches by knockout, and almost everything in the first half.

In 1986 he competed 12 times, jumped in the number of boxers and attracted media attention. in the same year on November 22 he competed with Trevor Bebick for the WBC class, and won the 2nd round, and became the world's youngest heavyweight champion.

In 1987, Tyson defended his title by defeating Bornecrusher Smith in Lasvegas, Nevada. he won the number and added the WBA title.

Next. August 1 he won the IBF title from Tony Tucker by winning the numbers.

From the description above, it can be seen that Tyson has become a professional boxer with three titles.

and according to the World Boxing Commission, to be the real world heavyweight champion in the world must get three degrees, WBA, WBC, IBF.

So in this case, Myke Tyson has won the true professional boxing world title.