So I've been reading reports that big spending streaming service DAZN are looking to tempt former undisputed Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko out of retirement, with a rumoured £60m three-fight deal being offered.

According to Klitschko's former promoter Tom Loeffler,

Wladimir had such a good championship run that a lot of people want to see him back in the ring. I don't know whether he's content with what he's accomplished. It will be his decision. He's been posting videos and photos showing the bug is still somewhere in the back of his head. My personal opinion is I'd like to see him and Deontay Wilder. That would be a tremendous fight.

Promoter and DAZN frontman Eddie Hearn confirmed that 'exploratory talks' have been held:

Ordinarily, I would not like to see a retired fighter return to combat. I have spoken in the past about older fighters being thrown to the younger lions. Combat sport can be ruthless like that.

However if Klitschko were to comeback against Wilder, that would be a matchup for him in my opinion. Yes, Wilder has that devastating right hand however it is a fight where Klitschko would back his skill against Deontay's power.

As for DAZN they are really going all-out to stamp their imprint on the boxing scene. Having reigned the heavyweight scene for so long, Klitschko may feel that he has missed the boat in terms of mega-million dollar payday fights.

If he can pick the right fights, maybe two warm-up bouts leading to a Wilder fight, who could blame Klitschko for coming back? Particularly if he is in shape and has the itch to fight. If anyone deserves a mega-payday for keep the marquee boxing division going for the best part of a decade it is Klitschko. And who is to say he hasn't still got what it takes to make a run at the undisputed crown once more!