Anthony Joshua is taking preparations for his clash against Tyson Fury very seriously.

In a recent statement, Joshua stated he is ready to pass through whatever it takes to clinch victory.

Joshua remains focused despite controversies

Without a doubt, both Joshua and Fury have swung into intensive training ahead of the clash. Nonetheless, there still exists some controversy.

According to reports, Fury and his board members have grown deterred over the negotiations of the clash.

The significance of the clash

The significance of the clash of Joshua and Fury cannot be overemphasized.

Among numerous distinctions, it would most likely cement the winner’s place as the greatest boxer of this generation. Without a doubt, both Joshua and Fury would be more than hungry for this.

Anthony Joshua at peak motivation levels

Anthony Joshua has revealed that he is up and ready for this clash. In his statement, Joshua indicated he is willing to do anything even if it means passing through a brick wall.

AJ speaking to the media

Moving on, Joshua referred to himself as the man of the heavyweight division. He further stated that he is not coming to participate in the clash, he is coming to win it.

Tyson Fury's description of Joshua

Tyson Fury is coming hard on Joshua with lots of physical abuses.

In his recent statement, Fury had some harsh statements to say to Joshua. He described Joshua as nothing but a bodybuilder and publicity personality.

On Joshua's part, he tagged Fury's statements as mere psychological mind-games.


Without a doubt, the build-up to the big British showdown has been massive.

Tyson Fury particularly has not ceased to make life miserable for Joshua through his taunts. Without a doubt, the fans are in for a treat.

Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel